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KAI! this is bad

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By Ebele Orakpo

“Look  at  these thieves in uniform, is that what they are employed to do?” asked Mr. Babs in a very angry tone as a vehicle belonging to one of the security outfits in Lagos, Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) drove past in the opposite direction along the Agege – Iju-Ishaga road, carrying some members of the group and laden with so many loaves of bread of different makes and sizes, obviously seized from traders.

“So many things are going wrong. Agreed that they are there to enforce the law, but they are passing their boundary. Are they empowered to seize people’s goods?” asked Becky perplexed.

“Yes, they are. Why can’t people obey simple instructions?” queried TJ.

“Just look at them, like conquerors from a war zone taking their trophies home after a hard-won battle, and I am sure they have left behind tears and wailing. Is that fair?” queried Uche in a very sober tone.

“It may not be fair but if they had obeyed the simple instructions, nobody would have disturbed them,” replied TJ:

“You are talking because it has not affected you directly. I’m certain that if it does, you will be singing a different tune,” said Tony. “Didn’t you people notice something? They were only carrying food items – bread and drinks! Why? Na only those selling bread and drinks dey sell for road side?”

“That’s true. So TJ, how do you defend that? I’m quite aware that those who sell cheap cosmetics, clothes, and plastic wares were there, yet they left them alone and went for the bread and drinks sellers.”

“It is possible those were the only ones…” said TJ.  Before he could complete the sentence, Becky cut in: “Before nko? What do you expect? The two go together. They eat the bread and take the drinks to wash it down.”

KAI officials at work

“And to think that it is perishable. Definitely, the owners will not get them back this night until tomorrow and by then, some would have gone bad,” noted Uche.

“Get back the bread you say? Please just perish the thought. They are going to share the loot as soon as they get to their office and then go home and enjoy with their families.”

“O my God! Pastors have suffered O because when they start reaping the repercussions of their wicked acts, they will go from one pastor or imam to another to pray for them. They will bind the devil who did not participate in their evil deeds,” stated Dom. Said Babs: “And to think that the poor bread sellers buy the goods on credit and pay after selling. Now they have to look for money to pay.”

“Sometimes you temper justice with mercy. Some of these people are the bread winners of their families; some are widows and how do you think God will feel watching these helpless people crying with their hungry children?” asked Tony.

“Fashola should be held responsible. They are carrying out his order,” noted Funke, to which Becky replied thus: “I don’t think that is correct. After all, this is beyond office hours. Why are they still working by this time?” “ They are doing their own business,” replied Iyke. “My neighbour told me how they visited her shop some time ago and because she was owing them some money, they carted away some cartons of malt and juice. The following day, she went to their office and paid the money and then asked for her goods to be released to her only to be told that they could not locate them. She identified the particular person that carted the goods away but up till today, her goods have not been returned.”

“They must have shared the drinks. How did she expect to get the goods back?

“So what sort of people do they employ to enforce law? Criminals and law breakers? It will not work,” said Funke.

“Now tell me what that is if it is not daylight robbery,” said Susan.

Responded Iyke humorously: “Says who? No, it’s not daylight but night time robbery. After all, they did it at the close of work.”

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