By Mohammed Adamu
‘THROWN OUT’ was a newspaper’s headline, celebrating the Senate crushing of the executive bill sneakily passed to the National Assembly on the apron of the Jega-exigency which sought to reverse an electoral feat already achieved by the NASS-namely the barring of presidential battalion of aides as delegates to presidential party primaries!

And one wonders: will pro-Jonathan campaigners honestly join all sincere Nigerians in celebrating the courage of our senators in giving the Jonathan bill the third term treatment that it more than aptly deserved?

Or will they be sending ‘hard luck’ cards to the man after whom ‘luck’ and ‘good omen’ had long put in the democratic family way? –pregnant with electoral mischief! I had said before that any Nigerian who’ genuinely and sincerely’ claims he trusts Jonathan; or that he thinks the man can be trusted, that Nigerian truly deserves everyone’s sympathy!’

Unless you live, like the pro-Jonathans do, in perpetual denial of the truth, it is inconceivable that you will honestly and sincerely invest your trust in the Jonathan project! Sometimes people trust a principal even when his agents are morons; or vice versa.

But what can you do when both principal and handlers are unworthy of your trust? In just less than a year, the Jonathan political theatrics, his stage crafts and his many make beliefs are virtually playing themselves out silly and scandalous. And these in almost all the genres of our socio-economic and political lives.

Of all the politically hyped Jonathan ‘deliverables’ and the much bandied ‘achievables,’ none has been as theatrically over staged and so guilely advertised as his plans for a gratuitous gift to the nation of ‘free and fair election’. The refrain has been: ‘your vote will count!’ No one tells you ‘how’.

But allied to that promise Jonathan had also spoken about internal party democracy as a nexus of necessity and a condition precedent to actualizing this oft-illusive mantra of ‘free and fair election’.

Thus, if the rumor that he might also be contesting instead of being a neutral, unbiased superintendent, made you ever disbelieve Jonathan’s sincerity, his appointment of Jega, who personified credibility, integrity and trust, as INEC boss, may have completely suspended that disbelief.

And when Jonathan himself gradually began to come off brandishing the divine, the providential and the zodiacal as his sole political manifesto; and when he was now waxing apostolic in the crusade for ‘democratic competition, ‘internal party democracy’, you thought perhaps this man might, after all, be genuine.

Until all of a sudden, you saw him grab his party’s chair Ogbulafor, by the jugular! And as we say in pidgin: ‘like play like play’, he brought the old man down motionless. Again you wondered: ‘how could this conduce with the goal of achieving internal party democracy.’

Not to worry…, or may be, while you worry, Jonathan then threw yet another herring: you saw that he replaced Ogbulafor with Nwodo. And in no time the duo of Jonathan and Nwodo now went into action contriving -and almost getting away with on-line-registration for the party designed to disadvantage especially other candidates and to confer collateral advantage to Jonathan at the primaries.

Then followed a string of cat and mouse game especially with his party’s governors as he attempted desperately to weaken their powers and thus make them amenable to electoral blackmail. But “Hope of ill gain” they say “is the beginning of a loss” the NASS had thrown the aides-delegate provision out of the Amended Act.

Reason: Mr. President dithered before he signed the 2010 Amended Electoral Act. And then by sheer ‘good luck’ the same Jega, wittingly or unwittingly offered Jonathan a chance –should we say to ‘right’ the electoral ‘wrong’ done to him- when he asked the NASS to re-amend the amended Act to extend the 2011 elections to April.

The President now ‘luckily’ smuggled into the bill proposal other ‘proposals’. One asked that the bar on presidential aides be lifted and another that party primaries be transferred into the hands of a ‘select few wise men’ via party caucuses!

And after the first round in the Senate, the battle line is now drawn between The Democrats and the Degenerates. More like history repeating itself: between our erstwhile democratic two-termers and their degenerate ones of the ignoble third term fame! This third-term blow should be sustained by the House.

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