By Remmy Diagbare
You can take years off your face by just making a few changes to your look. Here are some tips.Sometimes in an effort to look younger than we really are, we dress up in a manner inappropriate for our age.

Ita Giwa

Although certain clothes may make us look younger than we really are, certain other clothes and make up  may make us look as if we are trying  too hard to be young. It is, therefore, important to dress age-appropriate.

Some of us like to keep in touch with fashion at all times, while others prefer just wearing what they think looks good on them. If you rather not keep pace with changes in fashion, stick to the middle ground. Don’t make the mistake that many women do and wear something totally old-fashioned. Instead, wear something that’s classy or current, though it may not be the latest trend.
Women over forty should know where to draw the line; Micro mini, tight torn jeans and leggings with cropped tops are a no go area.

The hair is indeed a woman’s crowning glory. Your hair style can age you, so it is important to style your hair right. The shape of your face should determine the style you wear. Find out what yours is and choose a style appropriate for your face.
Do you have a lot of grey hair? If so, concealing grey hair with a darker hair dye, can make you look younger. However, older doesn’t necessarily mean worse, and often women look older, but prettier and more glamorous as they grow older, if they follow these basic rules..

Make up
This is one area where a lot of women have fallen flat. The notion that you have to use a lot of make up to look attractive is very wrong.  Some Nigerian women use so much colour and powder that they end up looking like masquerades. Make up should enhance your looks, not make you look different from who you are. Foundation should blend with your natural skin tone, it should not be whiter.
Likewise, eyeshadow should not be too  colourful, especially for work or day time.

Getting rid of excessive weight will not only make you look and feel better, it will also make you look and feel younger. That’s right, overweight people tend to look a little older than their slimmer counterparts.

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