Moment to Moment

October 24, 2010

Everyday Miracles

By Debbie Ogunjobi
A little girl kneels down and begins to say her night prayers. She is without the complication of big words and the eloquence of accomplished speakers.

What she has is a heart that is pure, offering words of supplication and thanksgiving that are genuine; her audience one after the other opens one eye, then the other and one by one take the prayers more seriously.

Her prayers are not long or complicated and I am reminded of Jesus Christ saying except we become like little children we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. So you may be wondering what the words that would move adults so much are and I am more than willing to share; please find below.

“Father Lord, thank you for the miracle of sleeping and waking, thank you for today; it was a good day. Tomorrow shall be a better one in Jesus name. Thank you for all the people that you made; let them know that you love them and help them love one another.

Father, please change all the evil in people to good so we can have a better world in Jesus name, amen.”

There were a few adults present and as soon as the children went to bed, we all wanted to know who had taught the child such deep words. We were all amazed that a child knew and acknowledged that the routine of sleeping and waking was not only a privilege; it was a miracle.

I would have classed a miracle as a supernatural occurrence that was awe inspiring, magnificent and out of the ordinary but this little child shamed me for taking for granted what happens daily without my active participation and effort.

All our investigations confirmed that the child had not been coached but she had spoken words that we all should have if we had not become the generation that takes everyday miracles for granted. We all started talking about the number of people that go to sleep and never wake up.

We became even more animated when we got to the part of the prayer of redemption for evil people. A little child in her innocence was not calling for the blood of robbers and murderers she was asking that God change them back to good for everyone’s good.

To quote a friend of mine she was not praying the “fall and die” prayer but rather that of reconciliation to God and even man for the sake of a better world. We concluded that the prayer we had heard was in itself a miracle and most of us decided to let our children do more praying!

There are so many miracles around us and this week was rather exceptional. My household has a service most nights and the past two weeks have dealt with the topics of hope, faith and prayer.

To illustrate we had used the plight of the 33 miners in Chile who had been buried underground since the 5th of August. We took it in turns praying for them, having hope in the positive outcome of the situation and having faith that God would hear our prayers that they be brought back to the surface in good health.

The children in particular were very fervent in their prayers and we were all very happy when they all made it back into the arms of their families on Wednesday October 13th.

I had been impressed by the faith the miners showed; they were united in their faith and some of them took the time to kneel down and say a few words of prayer before embracing their loved ones and I joined many people in the world to thank God for their deliverance from Sheol.

These days I am content to bear witness to a miracle rather than feel left out when others are the recipients. My children believe the world is a family and I am letting them rub off on me. So many people pray for miracles without acknowledging the very many that happen every minute.

My brother said he thanks God for the miracle of being called daddy; he says that’s a daily miracle some people will give an eye and both legs for. A friend says he thanks God for the miracle of boredom and we all wanted to know why.

What on earth could be so great about boredom? He said boredom was the lack of stress, people in pain in hospital aren’t bored; they will consider it a miracle, given the pain they are in.

In his words boredom is what happens when you have the peace of mind not to have calamity imposed upon you unawares and I totally agree.

So this week I thank God not only for the rescue of the 33 Chilean miners who were buried in a copper mine 2000 feet below the earth’s surface for 69days. I give thanks for their families and all the 1 billion people who watched their rescue worldwide.

I give thanks that despite the economic depression, terrorism, recession, war, famine and disease the human race is still a united one. You see for me, the real miracle is the unity of purpose of people all over the world for 33 men they don’t know; it’s a miracle that confirms hope in humanity and more importantly faith that good can overcome evil.