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Activate your fat-burning hormones

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Weight loss 101:

Be a clean eater! In the fight against belly fat, some foods are simply better than others. Protein, for example, raises your metabolism more than carbohydrate; other foods like Oolong tea are thermogenic, which means you actually burn calories after consuming them, and then there are the fats. While all contain the same number of calories (nine per gram), some build belly fat and others fight it”

You started a diet, and sure, the pounds melts away for a week or two, but then the scale gets stuck or worse still, the indicator creeps upwards. If that sounds familiar, you are like about 95% of women, who struggle with typical slimming programme. The problem, from a new research finding is the “woman’s metabolic hormones make-up” that keeps her in fat-strong mode, no matter how disciplined she is.


Columbia University Medical Centre has confirmed that dieting can cause levels of the appetite-suppressing hormone (leptin) to drop, leading to intense hunger and rebuild weight gain; it can also lead to increased production of notorious stress hormones, known as cortisol, which makes one feel ravenous.

SOLUTION: After testing different women’s hormonal levels in saliva, blood and urine; women’s eating pattern and personality traits were put together and after analyzing the results, the women fell into one of three metabolic hormone types:

1. Sugar burner 45%

2. Muscle Burner 5%

3. Mixed Burner 50%

1. Sugar Burner: You are a sugar burner if carbohydrate-laden foods make you feel tired and sluggish almost immediately after you finish eating.

2. Despite feeling bad after eating sugar-rich carbohydrate, you get intense craving for more and tend to think about food a lot.

3. When it comes to sweets, you favour rich options like chocolate and ice-cream.

4. Protein-rich foods (like meat, chicken and eggs) satisfy your hunger and provide you with lasting energy.

5. You have always struggled with weight. You likely have 15kg to lose (mostly around your belly, butt, thighs and hips) giving you a pear shape appearance.

6. Your extra fat tends to be solid and jiggly.

7. You tend to become irritable, shaky and light-headed, if you miss a meal.


Sugar-regulating insulin is prone to imbalances. Some women are genetically prone to this; others shift into the category after having a baby. To regulate insulin and optimize fat burn, enjoy a diet of 50% fibre-rich vegetables and fruits; 40% lean protein and 10% starchy carbohydrate like yam and rice.


Vinegar (Apple Cider) slows food exit from stomach and decreases the insulin-releasing effects of a meal by up to 34%. This helps sugar burner become fuller, faster and stay fuller longer.

Cayenne stimulates the body’s metabolic rate and help clean fat out of the arteries. It is also a pain killer (especially against the discomfort of arthritis). Please make sure it is the organic cayenne.

ADVICE: A bottle of “BODY PERFECT HEALING AND CLEANSING COCKTAIL” will supply you real cayenne and Apple Cider Vinegar; you need to fight hunger and fat.

CINNAMON: It balances insulin and speeds the metabolic process of sugar burners. This simultaneously revs fat burning genes and turns off fat-storing genes. (Also in “CLEANSING AND HEALING COCKTAIL”).


Tired? Achy? Cranky? You might just need a glass of water.


SYMPTOMS: Weight gain, brain fog, fatigue. Aspartame, the major sweetener used in most diet soda’s leaches H2O (water) out of tissues. It is well established that caffeinated beverages can have a diuretic effect; but diet soda pack a double effect. Aspartame works like a magnet on water molecules drawing fluid from bodily cells.

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