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A-B-O-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N-! Father impregnates daughter

Shocking as it may sound, 15-year-old Bidemi Olarenle is currently pregnant for no other than her biological father and may live with the psychological torture of this abominable act for the rest of her life except measures are taken to address the development.

Bidemi, threw everyone aback when she disclosed that her father started having canal knowledge of her at the tender age of ten, when she was apparently oblivious of what sex was all about. The sacrilegious act continued until she was 15 when the cat was let out of the bag following signs of pregnancy.

Her ordeal as gathered, began after her parents separated in 1997.Then, she was barely two years old.  Her mother simply identified as Toyin, left the upbringing of her two children in the her husband’s custody, unaware of the consequence of her action, at 1 Etoeboda Etor street , Ojodu Berger.


Things , later fell apart one fateful night when Mr Olarele Sunday threw decorum to the wind and had canal knowledge with her Bidemi.

Narrating how it all started, Bidemi who cried all through, stated, “ It all started when I was ten years old. That is the time I could vividly remember. On whether it started before then I can not tell. The first day it happened, he came to where I was sleeping in the one room apartment at night and laid on me.

I felt a sharp pain but could not say anything because I did not understand what that meant. The next thing I saw was blood all over the mat I slept on and he went and brought pampers and wrap it on my bom-bom like a baby’s, till the next money when the blood stopped. He then instructed me not to tell anybody that he would always give me anything I needed”

The act according to her continued unabated until she was fifteen years, adding that the father could have her at any given time of the day. Not yet satisfied with the nauseating pleasure, Mr Sunday Olarele who hails from Idere village in Oyo state according to Bidemi, resorting to oath taking by her daughter in order to keep the sickening clandestine  act secret.

Continuing, Bidemi said, “ When I was fifteen years, my father brought out a calabash one night , from under the bed and cut some cola-nut  in bits  into the calabash. He thereafter, gave me part of the cola-nut to eat while he took his and chewed.

Then he warned me never to tell any one of what had been transpiring between us. He said the day I opened my mouth to tell anyone that I would suddenly drop down and die before finishing. I just stood there watching. After what he described as oath taking, he stripped me naked and had me the usual way. Since that day, I became afraid to tell anyone because I did not want to die”
And a stage, Bidemi reportedly started disturbing her father on the need to at least know her mother.. After much persuasion, Mr Olarele took Bidemi and her sister to their mother. After re-uniting with her mother, she further pleaded to remain with her for sometime to at least get acquainted with her. During her stay with the mother, Bidemi reportedly visited her father on the pretext that she was going to get her feeding allowance and school fees, where the despeakable act continued until the bubble burst.

On her return from her father’s place two months ago, her mother became suspicious following a foul smell emanating from Bidemi.

At this juncture, the mother said, “ when she came back, I perceived an odour like that of siemens from her and immediately asked where she was coming from. She maintained it was from her father’s place. Immediately, I put a call to the father who confirmed that she left her place not quite long.

I became suspicious and decided to go and see the father but when I called him on the phone again, he said he had left the house and I decided to turn back. On my way back home , I saw a magazine with a bold headline “ father impregnates daughter”, unknown to her that her daughter’s would be the next to be read.

Continuing she said, “ I bought the magazine and gave it to my daughter to read”. Asked if she suspected at that point if the husband could be doing same to their daughter, she gave a sarcastical smile and continued, “ after giving her the magazine, I noticed her countenance changed immediately she glanced through the headline.

Later, I started noticing changes in her, like enlarged breast and stomach and I became worried. I immediately took her to my sister’s place who is a doctor where she was confirmed to be pregnant. Tried as we could to make her tell us who was responsible, she kept sealed lips, saying she would die if she revealed the paternity.

I then took her to my pastor who brought out a Bible and after preaching and praying for her and assuring her that the death penalty had been cancelled . That was when she opened her mouth and released the bombshell that her father was responsible. Her response shattered me. I was speechless and momentarily dead at that moment. This is an abomination in the highest order  And to think that I was contemplating going back to their father……” she broke down in tears.

After the starling revelation, madam Toyin continued after wiping her tears with the loosed end of her wrapper, that she she immediately took the daughter to her father’s place to confront him, only to be receive another dirty blow. “ I simply went there to confront him and also asked what we were going to do with the pregnancy and the embarrassing situation.

But to my shock, he stated that I was only lying against him in order to use such means as a bait to extort money from me. It was him who called in the police, thereby allowed what could have been settled amicably because of the future of my husband to the whole world to hear.

To think that our story will be the next to be read by the world just like that in the magazine I had bought to teach my daughter a lesson, is laughable”, she said, shaking her head clinching her lower lips in consternation.

My daughter caused it all
But the response of 41-year-old Olarele surprised everyone as he bluntly  accused his daughter of being the architect of the whole abominable act. Hear him, “ She caused it all. She is the architect of the whole mess. After going to stay with her mother, she used to come to my place to pass the night with the pretense of coming to collect her monthly allowance and school fees.

Most times, she spent days and at night she would dress provocatively . Not yet done with that, she would be the one to come  to me and demand for sex. Asked how that was possible of a daughter towards her father, he kept mute and when he spoke again, he said “ there is a way she used to position herself that always sets me on.

Also asked when the sacrilegious act started, he kept quiet. At a point, he said, “ all I am asking for now is God’s mercy and forgiveness” he stated and buried his face in his hand, refusing to answer to further question.

Olarele according to the Deputy spokesman of the Lagos State Police Command, Mr Adesanya Jinadu who described the act as not only shocking but an offence punishable under the law, as the victim was a minor, said the case would be charged to court.


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