By Remmy Diagbare
Too many of us are being taken for a ride by cosmetic manufacturers. We spend tons of money rushing to the market for beauty products that claim to  work miracles.

•Good skin shows, no matter your age

For too long, I have preached that more than the products we spend money on, our lifestyle habits determines what works.  Read on and discover the misleading principles of skin care that we are innocently buying into. And discover the real ways to preserve your skin.

*Cleansers – soap vs cosmetic
It is very simple: soap is very alkaline, and it removes the acid mantle of your skin, (which keeps its ph at the correct level, and stops it from drying out).

This acid mantle is very delicate, and soap completely removes it, meaning that now your skin needs to make itself a new one. It takes 8 hours to do this. Just imagine what that drains from your skin, having to re-make that mantle every time you use soap on your face. A lot is what. And you need to use a heavier moisturiser afterwards because your skin feels so dry.

*Toners – alcohol vs none
The toner debate is very similar to the soap debate and the  answer is simple once again: don’t let alcohol touch your face! Alcohol will dry your skin out like nothing else. You know when you use a toner (or skin freshener) that has alcohol in it, and it leaves you with a little stinging sensation?

The reason this happens , is that the skin has sent the message to the brain saying ‘something is not right
Some think that alcohol can help dry out patches of very oily skin. This is true, but why do  you want to do that. Oily skin (unless very acne prone) is a blessing: because the skin is so moist, the aging process is far more delayed than in dryer skins.

*Moisturisers – AHAs
Moisturisers have got
to be one of the stickiest topics around. There is so much confusion and so many new innovations coming out all the time.

AHAs (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids) are basically a way of exfoliating your skin without your having to do anything more active than smear on a cream, whereas before you would have needed some kind of facial scrub. Or a rough face-washer. And when these acids are put in a cream they act every day, rather than the once a week or so that a scrub would be used.

This means that every day the top layer of dead skin is removed and your skin works hard to produce new skin at a faster rate. Thus the skin on top is fresher once it reaches the top layer because it hasn’t waited so long to get there.
There is nothing inherently wrong with AHAs, in fact they can be very good, but it is advisable to : use them in moderation.

*Anti-age supplements – collagen, elastin, etc
If you want to hear
something gross, ask where the collagen in your face-cream came from. Here’s the deal: plants do not produce collagen. So where do you think it came from? It is an animal substance. One known source is the  placenta of newly-born calves.

But the main point about collagen and elastin is that when you buy these creams you are throwing away money almost – it is a daily fix, not a lasting one. You put the cream on, it makes the wrinkles puff out and seem smaller, but by the end of the day the effect is gone.

Now if you have enough money to use it that way, and plenty of women do, then that’s your choice. But when it comes to anti t-ageing, prevention is better than a cure all the way.

These creams do nothing more for the skin, in the long run, than a regular moisturiser. Their effect is cosmetic. You may as well spend the money on a face-lift, and that is a whole new kettle of fish if you want to debate about that.

Apparently the only reputable substance that works is anti-oxidant treatments – creams and serums. The way these creams work is not by delivering the anti-oxidants (which are basically vitamins) into the skin for its nourishment. What happens is that the vitamins counter-act the attack of free-radicals which speed up the ageing process.

So, , here is the deal, the BEST prescription for skin care and anti-ageing:
* Don’t use soap or alcohol on your skin.

* DO use an eye-cream.
* ESPECIALLY use a sun-protection factor of 15 on your face daily.
* Use anti-oxidants.

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