By Folake Aina
2010!!! Believe it or not. This is still your  year. I know what some people are thinking right now. “What is she talking about. We are almost half way through the year, I really do not know where I am going, and she is saying this is my year.

The year is practically over, and I have not seen the manifestations of the things I hoped for in this year”. That may be so, but wisdom demands that your hope still be raised high. Within a twinkle of an eye, all you hoped for could just begin to manifest. The truth?  This is the only year that you have. What other choice do you have? It makes good sense to believe that it is still your year.

That is wisdom. You must moved  into this year with a very positive attitude. Continue in it.  I know  too many people who went into previous years non-chalantly, without high hopes of doing or getting anything spectacular. And at the end of the year, when they took stock, that was exactly what they got. Nothing

You must continue with very high expectations. Your hopes must be high. You must move on with a drive that will usher in positive changes into your life. No-one ever lost out by feeling good. At least start from there. Feel good about all that is and not happening to you.

The good place to start is to reflect on everything that happened to you so far. Take stock of January , February till now.. The good, the bad and the ugly. What made all the good happen? Do more of those. What orchestrated the bad. Run away from those. I think that is a good place to start from.

You must begin to change those strategies that did not work. If you have been going around with a lousy attitude and all it did was generate enmity and bad blood, change your attitude.

If you have spent spent too much time sleeping, and you know you really have been lazy, and that is why you have not achieved much till now in this year, cut your sleeping hours. You cannot go to sleep and  depended too much on others to get things to you and for you.  People cannot be trusted like that. You must wake up, you must begin to change your mindset. Take charge. People do not have to do for you. Get up and try to make things happen in your life.

Focus from now  on the choices you make. You have heard it before that we are the sum total of the choices we make. A wrong turn might take you totally away from your destination. Guide against distractions, and just stay focused.
It all has to do with your determination.

There is nothing that you set your mind to achieve that you will not achieve. It takes all the determination on your part. Also I do beg you, always pray for favour. I have always told you. All these principles and strategies work. But there is a place for prayer. You must make up your mind to stay connected with your God. It takes the positive hand of God and His favor on your life to move all this that we are talking about.

I would also suggest that you do not run from or avoid your failures. Everywhere you failed, make it a case study. The more you reflect on it, the more you would learn how to convert your failures to success.
Thank God for life itself. You still have life. There is still hope. You are on the way.

And if you are one of those who has had great things happen to them from the beginning of the year, don’t just sit there celebrating .There is still room in this year to do better.

You have to consistently improve in all areas of your life. If you notice any lapses any where, don’t ignore it, sort it out. Make up your mind there is still room to move higher.

There is a place called better. You are going there. If you do not keep protecting and improving on what you have, others will overtake you, That is even beside the case, You really should not be competing. Everyone has a place in destiny. But you must consistently improve what you have achieved to stay relevant.

Many people are working on a lot of different things this year. Some are looking at improving their relationships. Some are looking at making more money. Some just want to make a difference this year. Many want to be more of a blessing towards others. Many want to get more connected with their God.

Many have just made up their minds to be better people. Many want to see progress in all they do this year. Some want to be promoted, others want to start their own business. Some want to move to their own houses. Others want a new car for themselves. Very many just want to attain a place of peace and fulfillment.  Whatever it is that you have purposed to do, just go ahead and  focus on it. Be the best you can be. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Things are just about to start rolling in this year.

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