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Stick thin vs Curvy Models

I’d like to model even at 40 — Sandra Iwu

By Morenike TAIRE

Twenty five year old Sandra Iwu kicked off her modeling career with Catwalk Studio in Ikeja. She has since grown into a model who can hold her own. A regular face on the Nigerian runway, Sandra has participated in over 40 fashion shows and has plied her trade outside the shores of Nigeria. In 2006, she was crowned, Most Beautiful Girl in LASU. The 5ft 10 inches model, now runs her own modeling agency called Sim Model .

What do you like best about being a model?

I like being on the runway or shooting for photography modelling.

W e saw you striking poses just now and it was amazing. Which do you like best, photography or runway modelling?

I love the photography modelling but the one I cherish most is runway modelling.

As a size 8 model, do you have any challenge maintaining your size?

I try as much as possible to keep in shape.

Have you ever gone for an audition where you were told that you are too fat?

Yes. There was a particular casting I went for, it was for an advertisement. I was told I was too thin that they needed a somebody with a chubby face.

What is the Nigeria situation, when you go for casting ?

Well, at the moment, they expect you to be a little bit curvy and have some flesh. Don’t be too skinny because an African woman has to be curvy whether you’re big or small. Some people want to be skinny. When I wanted to go to Joburg and New York fashion week, they asked me to go down a little bit but I found it so difficult because after a little while, you’ll go up again. But I try to get by. The way to go about it is to have balanced diet, drink a lot of water and exercise a lot

I try as much as possible to maintain this size because I don’t want to go beyond this.

Do you see yourself going beyond size eight as you grow older?

Maybe around 40 or 45, but I pray to remain like this even when I’m 40 years old.

Do you want to model till you’re 40?

Probably, I might. Like Oluchi

You mean like Naomi Campbell?

Well, yes. Somebody like that.

In the last fashion week in London, designers were using regular sizes 10 and 12. Do you see that as the future?

It depends on the concept the designer has in mind. That concept determines the kind of models he would need to use.

Does that mean then that models your size don’t feel threatened?

We’re not because we’re in between the extreme sizes. We can fit in anywhere.

You feel with your weight now you can compete on the international level?

I can compete anywhere.

You’ve done shows abroad?

Yes, I’ve done in Paris. It was fabulous. I enjoyed myself. I met people, made friends like Uri Jones and a couple of French models.

Apart from modelling and school, you also have a company you’re running. How do you cope?

I’ll be leaving school next year. My business has been paying my bills. So I get by.

Do you think it has made you more mature than you really are?

I can take care of myself and my younger ones. It’s good for you to be responsible when you have responsibilities than for you to take care of yourself only. I’m really enjoying myself.


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