By Ebele Orakpo

THE parliamentarians today decided to air their views on a potpourri of issues, starting with the activities of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

Said Yinka: “PHCN has improved. Is it because President Goodluck Jonathan has taken over the sector? We now enjoy 18 hours of electricity supply daily,” announced Yinka.

“It’s true, there has been a marked improvement in power supply but ours is not up to 18 hours,” noted Chika. “Hmm, e be like say I live in another planet. Or are you guys not talking about Nigeria? For over two weeks now, we have not had light in this same Lagos,” said Tricia

“O boy, you people must have done something to them or could it be your transformer?” asked Timi
“No, the transformer is ok, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it,” replied Tricia.

“I think we are in for good times. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed. Hopefully, the good times will go round,” Chika stated.

“I know that if President Goodluck Jonathan can give us constant power supply, he would have earned for himself a place in the hearts of Nigerians irrespective of tribe, religion or political affiliation,” said Yinka.

“Yeah, let him just face that and get it right. Someone had said that 90 percent of Nigeria’s unemployment problems would be solved if there is adequate power supply and I totally agree with that because then, our industries will come back to life, our youths will be gainfully employed and crime will reduce,” stated Tricia.

“I beg to differ,” said Nike. “The major problem is corruption and not power because it affects PHCN too. Why do you think Nigeria, the 7th largest exporter of oil in the world, is also the highest importer of generators in the world?

Corruption! Somebody somewhere is gaining immensely so they would not want a change. Why do you think we have no gas for power generation? Corruption!”

“I don’t think it’s just corruption. After all, no nation on earth is corruption-free but yet, they have adequate power supply,” noted Chika.

“Dear, our own corruption wear suit complete with tie. E no get part two at all,” said Nike. “What I am saying is that if generators are banned, and our leaders know that there is no other way out, they will ensure that our refineries, generation and distribution networks work at optimum capacity and, I assure you, like the sports guys will say, they will start firing from all cylinders – hydro, thermal, solar, wind, biomass, name it, to provide light,” stated Nike.

“I pray the president just faces one agenda – power – with everything he’s got. Give us light and leave the rest,” said Tricia.

“In Lagos State today, I don’t think anyone will think twice about voting for Fashola. He has shown us what governance is all about,” stated Timi.

“Yes ooo. Walai talai, if the man wants a second term, I will personally mobilise people to vote for him, even for presidency!” said Hassan, the seriousness written all over his face, adding: “His works speak for him. He doesn’t need too many speeches to convince people. It’s when you’ve got nothing to show for the time spent in power that you need a lot of grammar, generously laced with lies to convince people to vote for you. Empty vessels make the most noise.”

“Like I have said time and time again, Nigerians are not too demanding. Just provide the basic infrastructure and they will go about their businesses without disturbing you,” noted Bayo.

“You are absolutely right. They have the heart of a woman. No matter how much you hurt a woman and how bad she feels, just saying you are sorry, calling her some sweet names, or buying her an inexpensive gift like suya, flower or even ice cream, she will forgive you and forget all the hurt,” commented Timi.

“Hey, don’t even go there. Nigerian women?” snorted Bayo.

Replied Timi: “Yes, women generally. Many homes are in a shambles today because of problems that a simple ‘sorry’ could have solved. But alas, some men are so egotistical.”

“Ah, I thought we were talking about PHCN and the good job they are doing?” asked Yinka.

“Yes, but don’t praise them too much or else, you’ll find yourself in total darkness for a long time. Just like our Super Eagles, they fly when they are not given a chance at all,” concluded Nike.

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