says man who impregnated own daughter

By Evelyn Usman
Mkpondik!(meaning abomination in Akwa-Ibom dialect), exclaimed a man who had both hands on his head as he ran out of the gate of the police barracks where the Lagos State Police Public Relations Office is located in Oduduwa, Ikeja area of Lagos.
His exclamation followed the confessional statement of a 12-year -old girl who said she was impregnated by her biological father in Ikorodu area of  the state.

The suspect , 37-year-old Philip Ben, is an indigene of Itam in Akwa-Ibom state . Ben is a private driver to a Managing Director of a company in Victoria Island and occupies a two room apartment in Ikorodu.

His sacrilegious indulgence brought him to the fore after his 12 year-old daughter confessed to her school authority that she had been abused sexually by her biological father for over two years until it culminated into pregnancy.

A look at the frail- looking expectant mother as she sat watching her father whom she claimed, first had carnal knowledge of her, glaringly showed that she was deeply traumatized.  In her  narration of how she had suffered severe inflammation from the act which, she unfortunately claimed she had no option than to do her father’s bidding, the 12-year-old girl in an inaudible tone had this shocking experience to share.

My first experience
I can not tell how many times my father had slept with me. But he has been doing it for long. The first time it started, he came to the parlour where I was fast asleep with my two siblings and woke me up, saying I should come to the room. I went and he said I should start fanning him with local fan which I did until I slept off. I did not know what happened thereafter but I woke up feeling weak and found myself naked and messy.

The suspect, Philip Ben,”I did it twice

At first I did not know what it all meant until the second and many other times. Whenever he did it , he would instruct me not to shout so as not to wake up my siblings who are five years old.

Most times he would give me hot drink(alcohol) and when he finished, he would  give me some more with some tablets. Sometimes,  he would come to where I am sleeping with my brothers to ‘have it’ and at other times, he would call me to the bedroom”

….and the threats
“On one of the occasions, I told him I was not going to allow him and he said he would beat me. He also said he would not give me food if I did not allow him”

Asked why he never bothered to tell her mother or any grown up, it was revealed that her mother was once married to her father but abandoned her and her younger brother for another man in their Akwa-Ibom home town.  Her father, as gathered, later got married about four years later . But unfortunately, the woman died, leaving behind a set of twins.

Aside this, was the threat from her father, who according to her,  warned that she must never tell anyone.  “ He said if I did, he would injure me and would never give me food again. Once he threatened to kill me.  He told me also to let him know whenever I missed my monthly flow so that he could give me some drugs”

At last pregnacy!
The clandestine atrocity came to the open following changes in the girl’s physical appearance.  First, was her unusual weight and enlarged breasts. It was initially mistaken as part of growth until some experienced mothers around the area started insinuating the obvious. Teachers in her school also took closer look at her and one of the curious ones, reportedly invited her for discussion where she confessed to have only slept with her father.

To further confirm their doubt, Crime Guard gathered that she was taken to general hospital, Ikorodu, where a pregnancy test conducted on her proved positive.

Asked why she did not confide in her dad when she noticed she was pregnant, she responded ignorantly, “ I did not know I was pregnant. All I knew is that I was always feeling weak and tired , until people started telling me my tummy was coming out”, stated the primary six pupil.

Father Arrested
Coming home Monday, on his motorcycle which he used to pick passengers on his way from work, Mr Philip was accosted by three men in plain clothes who later identified themselves as policemen. Apparently thinking they were about extorting money from him, he volunteered to follow them to the station as insisted, where to his amazement , he was told his offence.

Shivering like a lily- livered fellow, he told Crime Guard that “ this is the devil’s handiwork. I do not know what came over me”

The temptation
Asked how he felt having carnal knowledge of his own daughter, he kept mute and later bent his head in shame . When he raised it up, he shook it repeatedly in self pity and said, “ I do not know. But all I have to say is that she tempted me.

The first day it started , I came home late and met her stark naked. I was so tired that I just laid on the bed where I met her. And when I woke up again, I did not know what came over me but before I knew it, I was already done”

Asked why he did not stop after the first attempt , he said “ she was always tempting me. At times even if I did not feel like it, she would come and start playing with me and that way I would be aroused. Even when I cautioned her, she kept coming to me at night”

While his daughter said she could not count the number of times her father had carnal knowledge of her, Philip on his part, said he only did it twice. Asked  whether he used condom , he said, “ I only used condom once but never used at other times”, he said, apparently forgotten he had earlier denied doing it  several times.

Also asked how he felt like having it with his own daughter, he said off handedly, “even though I am feeling bad now, I used to feel like any other man”.

At this point, he got agitated at the numerous questions posed at him and flared up, “ I know I have done a wrong thing but she is instrumental to it all , after all, she always came to sleep on my bed instead of being with her brothers and when I asked , she would say she did not feel like sleeping alone. She enjoyed it while it lasted. Even when I slept with her the first time, she was not a virgin.

I went to bring her from the village after the death of my second wife. Her mother was my first wife but  left and got married to another man . Since then, the two children she had for me had been in the village.  I was told to come and take my daughter because she had started moving with men and I did, purposely for her to take care of the twins left by my second wife.  And she had never said no to my advances”.

Father and possessive lover
Preliminary investigations by the police after  his arrest,  revealed that he resigned from his first place of work which usually took him away from home for a day or two, to keep an eye on his teenage daughter whom people reportedly feared was been wooed by boys in the neighbourhood. Aside this, was his effort to engage her and her siblings in evening classes, with a view to shielding her from prying eyes of men. Unknown to many , he was only keeping her for himself.

But in defence he explained his intention , “ I just did not want a situation whereby she would be going out with men around . This is because I was told that she had been sleeping with a particular boy some compounds away.  I had to even change my job in order to keep an eye on her. I did it to protect her”

I am ready to accept the baby
His next statement took everyone by surprise when he said he would not want the pregnancy tampered with.

“The deed has been done and there is nothing I can do. She still remains my daughter . When I come out of this , I will still receive her back and plan to get a serious relationship with a lady, even though I have concluded not to . I  promise to treat her better than before. I am ready to face the consequences of my act because I know what I have done is an abomination.

After this, I will go to the village and do the necessary sacrifice to avert any evil from her. I am also ready to accept  her and the baby , if only for the sake of her siblings whom she has been taking care of”.

Crime Guard gathered that already, Lagos State Police Command has concluded plans to invite a Women Rights group called ‘Project alert’.   The group, it was learnt,  has signified interest to re-condition the victims’s psychological state with a view to alleviating her traumatic experience.    Meanwhile, Police said her father would soon be charged to court for defilement.

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