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Why it could be worth your while to sleep with the boss!

By Candida
Faith represents the crop of some ruthless young women the society is suddenly grappling with. Pretty with a degree under her belt, she was very lucky to be employed by one of the mobile phone network companies. Her boyfriend of almost six years, with whom she went to the university, wasn’t so lucky with employment.

He now teaches in a secondary school. “We’re so close I couldn’t imagine my life without him”, Faith told me smugly as she celebrated yet another promotion in her job.  As the get-together progressed, a casually dressed gentleman made a brief appearance. Faith and Justus, her boyfriend, made a fuss of him but he was out of the venue in minutes – he said he only called to be part of the celebration, albeit briefly. Poor Justus couldn’t read the body language between Faith and her boss. He was too busy entertaining the August guest and gushing over his very word.

“Are you sleeping with your boss?”, I asked Faith outright the next time we were alone together. She’s one of my adopted ‘sisters’ who believe I’m so worldly-wise I would have answered to any thorny problems they could come up with.

She smiled an ‘I know-my-secrets-are-safe-with-you’ smile before starting with a lecture: “As you well know aunty C, sex for mot women is more than a lust-fueled mechanical act. In other words, making love is simply about love and it’s supposed to strengthen the deep emotional connection between two people. And I sort of go with that flow. As a result, whenever I’m with Justus, its that way too.

Sex with him is lovely, but we’ve sort of settled into a rut and it’s sad. We’re still so young, but sadly, for us, it feels like sex is middle aged and I miss the wild sex we used to have in the early days when we’d virtually tear the clothes off each other. I’ve made more than enough efforts to get our romance back without much luck.

“Then I got this fantastic job and my restlessness must have been one of the reasons I fell for my boss. But if I were to be honest with main attraction is that the affair is a practical, profitable arrangement for me.  Apart from being my boss, Emeka is also the area manager of the company, so he wields a lot of power. He’s happily married with four children and reasonably sexy for his age.

When he started flirting with me, what I saw was the power I would have over someone who could potentially be so influential in my life and my career. And there was no danger of either partner ending their current relationship – he was a married man and I was engaged to be married.

“This might sound scheming to most do gooders but Emeka was hardly being moral himself – making it clear he’d be prepared to cheat on his wife. Heaven only knows how often he’d done that before I became his ‘matter-of-the-moment’!  He came at the right time too – I was pissed off with struggling to pay the rent of the flat I shared with Justus along with the utility bills – his teacher’s salary didn’t stretch that far and I hadn’t realised responsibilities and sacrifices would play such a part in my life. I bitterly resented not spending my money on myself.

That was when I reckoned that anything that would get me a raise was a good thing. When I left the university, it was with high hopes of working my way to being glamorous, exciting and a jet setter.  How naive can you be?  The harsh reality of my lot fell far short of my expectations. Then in stepped Emeka and an affair with him sounded thrilling – and it could also help me move up the career ladder.

He was a master of the game too – he would compliment me on how ambitious and talented I was, and how I was destined for a much more successful and lucrative life, wrinkling up his nose ast how a teacher husband could drag me down. I quickly let him realise I loved Justus but was open to being propositioned.

“We both knew what was in stock for me – it would be a straightforward trade. He’d get his lust for extra-marital sex and I’d get a leg up the ladder of success.  The fact that our affair would be almost like a business transaction was a turn-on for me.

It made me sound like a femme fatal! The first time it happened, we were in the company car, on the way to a different branch. The traffic was horrible and the longer we were stuck together, the more charged the atmosphere. Then he turned and looked at me, smiling slowly as he caressed the thigh next to him. I was so turned on I could hardly breathe.

At the first opportunity, he turned into a motel and the sex was amazing.  A few weeks later, he gave me a lift home after working late and quietly turned off the road into a very deserted, half built-up area. There, he unfastened my blouse while I did my own undressing. In minutes, we were both panting as he reclined the passenger seat before pulling out a condom as usual.

Then the sky exploded. It might be an uncomfortable and undignified position for sex but it was also the most thrilling I’ve had in years. When I finally got home I was still on too much high to feel guilty as Justus kissed me, wanting sex … I wondered if Emeka would also have sex with his wife that night as Justus and I retired to the bedroom. That would mean the two of us sleeping with two different partners in one day!

I haven’t regretted my decision to bonk Emeka. Wherever he had to book hotel rooms for official purposes, we would be the firs to test such rooms. Other times, we’d snatch quickies in his car but our fun-place is his office after everyone must have gone home.

And as I envisaged, pay back time soon arrived. Emeka then recommended me for promotion and I was delighted. It meant I could afford nicer clothes and clear some of our debts. Justus and I even bought a tokunbo car!

“I’ve recently just had another promotion which means another pay rise. I never push Emeka for anything unreasonable -I’m too cautious for that. As long as I’m progressing, I’m happy.  Do I feel like a sleeping mistress?  Never!  I’m just an ambitious woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.

It’s been worth my while too – and Justus’. He’s moved up a notch on the teaching salary scale and we’re now thinking of getting married.  I was mildly amused when he suggested Emeka should be the chairman of our wedding reception – a sort of honouring the boss. When I told Emeka, he wasn’t so keen.

He adivised I should let him know in advance when the date would be so he could give his apologies.  According to him, it would almost be sacrilegious to preside over the wedding of your mistress. How would he feel if things blew open in future?”


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