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Straight Into style


In a clime where people have been made to believe that appearance is everything and coupled with the images often portrayed in fashion magazines and Television, people tend to mistake style with being a size 8 or 10 with a perfect body or being slave to fashion.

Yet we know of many women who neither fall into these categories and yet each time they appear in public, you cannot but help admiring them. This is not about social class or the label of the clothes or accessories. What these women probably share is a defined personal style. Clothes don=t only fit them, they are confident in their skin. We don=t all have to be super models to have style.

A few tips though can make us develop and walk straight into style.

Dress appropriately according to your age, body form and the occasion. Your choice of outfit should be what will flatter your figure and please let it be in good taste.

-Less they say is more. Keep everything simple

-A woman should have poise. Therefore carry yourself with grace.

-Be courteous. What is the use of a beautiful woman with bad manners? Have respect for others and hold along a good sense of humour.


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