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Storage – The New Fashion Challenge

We buy, so we must store. And appropriately, too, otherwise all that money spent on purchase goes down the drain. Good old temperamental African weather doesn’t help much here – hot and dry one month, humid the next, and windy with tons of dust yet another. Irregular power supply makes the matter even more challenging – as if you needed that! – as your entire building is left to absorb whatever mama nature throws at her, since you can’t climate control from the inside. Therefore, clothes, shoes, BAGS, hats, BELTS have become a challenge to store for fashionable people.
We spend varying amounts of money on our looks and this is usually determined by how much we earn, what we consider important, our taste and sense of judgement, background and exposure. As diverse as these may be, one thing is however certain – more money is being spent everywhere now on clothes and accessories. With the average good quality leather handbag going for prices ranging from the equivalent of the new minimum wage to really high dollar denominated figures, the discerning buyer is as keen to keep his/her items in as good a state as they were bought in the first place.  Also, with fashion stakes and awareness increasing daily in our society, rapidly and ever expanding wardrobes are the order of the day! With all these come the now perennial question – How do I store my clothes and accessories? Find below a few tips.
These include shoes, bags, belts, pouches, and in some cases hats. Leather abhors humidity, heat and wetness. These can inevitably be caused by packing leather goods tightly together in space that’s small for their volume; piling them on top of one another – bags come to mind here- and /or storing them in places adjacent to sources of water which may create moistness. When we commit these ‘crimes’ against leather, she protests by harbouring mould growth, losing shine, cracking i.e developing long lines of breaking and in really bad cases, peeling.
– Genuine leather goods need care so you are advised to buy all the accompanying leather care accessories when you purchase your items. They’re usually worth the extra change they cost as they do help to protect and keep your items better for longer.
Be certain you have enough space for your items so you can store them singly with some space between one leather accessory and the next. If you don’t have enough space now, you should be thinking of creating some.
Always store handbags in the cloth pouches which they come as these are already designed to absorb excess humidity.
Never pile your shoes on top of one another. The heat created together with sheer weight of the shoes on top cause the ones beneath to bend out of shape and are never quite right after that.
Make a belt rack for your belts in a roomy place so they hang free and have access to aeration. Alternatively, roll them up and store them singly in roomy drawers, ensuring they don’t touch. If they come in pouches, keep them there.
Always leave your hats in hat boxes. Their survival depends on this. Hats bend out of shape very easily and so need space in your wardrobe if you want them to last. Never place anything on top of your hat. It’ll come out in the shape of that item and will literally never be the same again!
don’t carry your leather handbags or wear your leather shoes in the rain. You’ll destroy them that way.
Store like colours together i.e don’t store a red bag on top of a white one. The paler will ‘borrow’ the colour of the brighter.
Here, its
Safer to keep similar fabrics together
Use wooden, padded hangers for your dresses ; metal ones stretch them and bend them out of shape;
Keep jersey, cashmere and woolen clothes folded. Any pressure from hanging twists them out of shape;
Silk is delicate – and costly- take care to keep silk items  separately using velvet or padded hangers. You can also keep them neatly folded in a drawer if they are lingerie;
Jeans are best folded on top of one another. Their heaviness keep the ones at the bottom in shape;
Cotton loves aeration, remember to store in a place that’s well aired.
The more clothes we have, the more storage space we need, quite frankly, so it may be good to partition off a small part of your room if your wardrobe is too small to store your items properly. Couture dresses must be kept in zipped up clothes bags and be well hung in an area free of dust and any form of wetness or moistness. Fabrics needing space like taffeta must be given space else they’ll be crushed.
It’s better upfront to create a conducive and adequate environment for your clothes and accessories. This makes them last and gives you value for the money you spent on purchasing them. The nightmarish story is told of the lady who went abroad for a short break, came back home, opened up her wardrobe and all her designer bags were stuck together, peeled and cracked from the crazy heat that had abounded while she was away. If only she’d left that wardrobe door opened for air to have access, that would not have happened.
While we work hard and shop hard, let’s store smart!
Bimpe works as Senior Management staff in a foremost financial institution.
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