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Politicians are now out and about

By Kola Animasun
Politicians are now out and about.  They are constituting about every possible permutation.  In their permutations, they are looking for two, three or infinite possibilities.

Many of them have no principles.  They are what, in Ibadan, the people call Amala and Gbegiri politicians.  Anything goes for them – as long as they win.  Unfortunately many of them are winning.  They use any combination and manner of methods.  They rig, they bribe, they maim and kill.  They say the end justifies the means.

People you believe should have principles are now clearly showing they do not have any.  Not many care about ideologies and that is why movement across political barriers is very fluid.

In good climes, politicians fight on clear-cut terms – it could be conservative or progressive.  It could be radical or socialist.

You could say what was the ideology of the NPC.  Mallam Aminu Kano’s NEPU was unmistakable – he was for the Talakawas.  Awolowo’s Action Group was consistent to his UPN and its pragmatic socialism.  Nnamdi Azikiwe was liberal whatever he may claim.

AD, AC have been peopled by many with progressive mindset.

Abubakar Atiku was our Vice President when the going was good.  He could swear by the name of Obasanjo when the going was good.  Obasanjo himself doted on the Turaki of Adamawa.  The tide turned.  The favourite became the hunted.  So, he found shelter under the AC and one thinks he has finally found his berth.

We always take people on their own face value.  He was merely bidding his time.  He was wooed and he jumped back to the camp – of PDP warts and all.

All his warts went back with him.  The financial arranger, Johnson Fasawe featured prominently among the welcoming party.  He was welcomed by Obasanjo himself.  Only God knows how much they swore against themselves in the not very distant past.

Nigerian politicians have no shame.  The Yoruba say when you say goodbye in a place you do not say ‘Hello’ again!  – not for them.  They have codified this shamelessness by saying that is not true of politics.  A dog may come back to its vomit.  Titilayo Ajanaku said they only went on sabbatical, when they left the party, for AC.

Titi (for short) said: “We never fought with anybody within the party (PDP) in Ogun State.”  And she justified her lack of principles, “when we left, it was based on principle because I will rather let people betray me than me betraying people.”

These alignments and realignments are going on all over the place.  Election year is here.  And the permutation is to win.

Completion of power

Powers shifted immediately the last President died.  And the death has affected the status of many a people.
There is the well-known President who became the number one citizen – up from being no.2 where he was more seen than heard.  Now, he uses a red biro or red ink and pen.  He can commit the treasury; create millionaires or impoverish other millionaires.  He can do or undo.

From a little known Namadi Sambo, he jumped to a Number 2.  For him, there is no queuing behind a David Mark, the President of the Senate.  Namadi may be a Vice President but he is a stronger Vice President than Mark, the President of the Senate.  David comes in at third place.

Yakowa was content to hold down the job of a number 2 Governor of Kaduna State.  Until luck (that word again!) smiled on.  He sprinted to a Number 1 as Governor of Kaduna State.  He did not know what struck him except that it was a good thing.

His number one is not like the number one of Goodluck Jonathan but it is Number One all the same.  He will call all the shots in Kaduna State and he would have to attend, as a matter of right, all the big-dos that all governors attend.  He will do some things too.

As I write this, someone will have to fill the stool of Deputy Governor of Kaduna State.  This is not a small position.  You may want to ask the princess who happens to be the Deputy Governor of Lagos State.

Set of laws for one and another for…

The Yoruba say: The white man who made pencil (lead) also made the eraser (rubber).  This in reference to the ability to make and unmake decisions.

That was exactly what the Police Service Commission (PSC) did when it vacated its decisions concerning Nuhu Ribadu.  It blew hot and cold when it announced certain decisions.  Now, the PSC has gone back on its words.
PSC has reinforced its promotions.  As I write this, there has been no announcement from PSC concerning other officers whose fate is tied up with Ribadu’s.

So you see the quality of people who are meant to be the custodians of our trust.
Jonathan has told us he would do whatever he wants to do despite our own misgivings.

What do I expect the President to do for me (and other Nigerians)
1.    I want him to exhibit integrity of the highest order.
2.    I want him to exhibit even handedness.
3.    Every other thing will be added to him.


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