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Older men could be love rats too!

By Candida
Muri certainly put a new twist on the sugar daddy saga. Well in his fifties, he was an independent participant in the advanced IT we once ran. 

Tall and debonair, he looked too sure of himself for my liking. Always wafting the most expensive aftershave, his clothes were just so; not too showy for the lecture room, and not too casual either. Within days, the girls married and single, were eating out of his palms leaving the younger men green with envy and having nast jabs at him behind his back.

Out of all his female ‘fans’, Ibi stood out like a sick-puppy.  The poor girl was simply smitten. She’d just been employed by a big corporation and the course was to prepare her for her new designation after the official confirmation of her job.

Muri singled her out from the start and flirted outrageously with her in front of everyone.  Ibi loved the attention,. Pretty, tall and ebony-skinned, she simply lit up anytime Muri entered the room. If there was any disaster waiting to happy, it was the two of them. The fact that he was in his 50s and she is in her late 20s was not the issue. She was ripe for a fling with a married man.

What woman wouldn’t, with a cad like Muri around?  I subtly warned her to be careful – she just got, married with lovely twins.  If she wanted to play away, she should make sure she didn’t get burnt.

“Half way through the four week course, Ibi became moody and listless. Muri wasn’t as flirty with her as before and I wondered what could have gone wrong.  I didn’t have long to wait. After the close of a day a few days after my observation, Ibi was practically tearing at the hair of another participant. When I heard the commotion, I rushed to the lecture room from my office.

Ibi was attacking Dora, a rather brash divorcee who gave as much as she got. It took an effort to price Ibi away from the object of her frustrated angle and I took her to my office.  What did she think she was doing?  Was she mad?  And what sort of report did she expect me to make to her employers after the course with her current show of shame?

She simply burst into tears.  “I had a relationship with Muri”, she sobbed, “and he made me believe he was in love with me.  That he loved his wife but wanted a younger sophisticated girl he could brainstorm with”.  Here we go again, I thought, rolled my eyes. Would these young things ever learn?

Muri obviously knew where he was going and he pulled out all the stops in making Ibi fall for him like a ton of bricks – expensive lunches in discreet hotels that boasted room service, lavish present and cash gifts. He even took her ramshackled car to his mechanics for a very impressive make-over!  Ibi was so impressed by her good fortunes that she told Dora, the girl she was having the cat-fight with all about it.

“She warned I should be wary of Muri”, Ibi continued. That he looked like a cheating rat to her.  That a man like him with his wobbly bits might not be much in the sack. Well, in my foolishness, I confessed that his chest and stomach might be saggy and crinkly, he was definitely no candidate for th geriatric ward yet!

“It was after this that Dora started her subtle flirting and Muri lapped it up. I waited for him to arrange our usual tryst, but nothing happened.

When one of the participants jokingly said he saw Dora in Muri’s car, I was really shocked. I first thought he’d make a mistake, but when I waited for him after the close of the day, he said he had an urgent meeting to attend. This morning, the same fellow told me he’d seen both of them kissing as they drove off together.

That was why I tackled Dora and she sneered that I should go and take care of my husband instead of running after a man old enough to be my father.

“That was what really enraged me – a friend I told about a new relationship going behind my back to sleep with my man …” I had to tell her Muri was someone else’s man, that her man was her husband. All she was doing was having a fling and reminding her that as a recently married woman, she had no excuse conducting an affair in public glare.

But she was inconsolable. To add salt to her festering would, Muri refused to discuss anything with her and had stopped coming for classes. As an independent participant, he could please himself.  All he had to lose was the fees for the course and he has pots of money, so that would be nothing but a drop in the bucket of his financial wealth.

When I saw Muri again, it was at a pre-cocktail dinner for a business associate. He was impeccably dressed as usual and charming the pants off a couple of women. His eyes lit up mischievously when he saw me and he promptly came over, dragging a wine waiter with him and plunking a glass in my hand.

I felt like kicking him in the groin. In the end, I had to ask him why he did what he did.  “What did I do?” he asked, a bit hurt.  “What does a married woman want with an equally married man?  The love of a life-time?” Didn’t he care that his wife could one day catch him red handed?  I asked.  He roared as if I’d just asked a silly question.

“My wife? What has she got to do with it”, he wanted to know. “I have a very understanding wife if you must know. Other wives might feel jealous and suspicious of their husbands, but my wife’s not like that. She doesn’t mind me having the odd fling as long as it makes me happy.  She knows it is just sex – which doesn’t bother her as long as she gets her own ration”.  How conceited can you get?

On the other hand, what sort of woman would give a passionate man like Muri permission to openly frolics with other women?  It certainly takes all sorts to make the world. But then, who was I kidding?  Deji, might not be married, but he definitely isn’t a one-woman man; and I put up with it.  The difference is that he also puts up with my other lover – at least, he believes it’s only one!

But unlike Deji who is nice and considerate, Muri is all technique and no heart – a flash smooth talker who seems to sense what the average woman wants to hear and needs – and his wife of almost 30 years encourages his decadence all the way!  She obviously realised a long time ago that the best way to hold on to her man was look the other way – no rocking of boat here!

Minutes later I got home, Joel was on the phone wanting to know if he could come over.  All the talk about open marriages and infidelity had made me really curious about Joel – a happy Jack the lad, he takes his pleasure wherever he finds it – and he makes no promises.  As a result; we’ve had one of the most rewarding relationships I’ve had.

I sounded him on his feelings for his throng of women when he came in and he quickly clamped up. I had to tell him wheat happened with Ibi and Muri. To each his own, he said, but he’d never taken a lady he didn’t have a lot of respect for to bed. Ha ha. That must surely count for something. Now that he was here, I was the number one woman in his life for that moment!

“Better not bring your lecturer room problems to your home”, he warned playfully, “I’m here for some good loving girl, not to hear of the escapades of an ageing Romeo. Why think about him, when you ave a raging bull in your arms?”  Why, indeed!  Life is short; and suddenly feeling inadequate because of the used – and dumped irresponsible behaviour of a man who should know better, could put a damper on this evening if I allowed it!


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