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Mirror on the Wall!

Your face is a magic mirror. In its very texture, colour and terrain, you can tell the state of your cells, pathways, and organs. Under-eye circles and puffiness around the eye area reveal stagnant flow in a body whose essential fluids cannot move rapidly through the system as they were designed to.

Loose, wrinkled skin bespeaks organ tissue that is starved of life force and nutrients. You don’t need a fancy medical device to scope out your internal workings.

You can just look at your fancy magic mirror. If you’re very young, you may not see the effects of your poor eating on your face and body yet because the poisoning has not gone on long enough to permeate your tissues; but if you’ve been eating “normally”, it’s only a matter of time before that becomes obvious.

Cells combine to make tissues which combine to form organs that collectively make up the human organism. Cells are the foundation of our body; all illness (and wellness) can be traced to the intercellular cleanliness of these infinitesimally small organisms. Healthy and clean human cells conduct electro-magnetic current called life energy. Clean cells act as super-conductors of life current, resulting in a body that’s fit and glows!

The eyes of a cleancelled woman (or man) are naturally bright; her mind is naturally clear (and brilliant, of course). Her skin is naturally toned, taut, and cellulite free. By the same token, the greater accumulation of waste in the body, the less life force energy the cells consult, the more rapidly you’ll appear to age and deteriorate.

The very simple but profound truth about beauty is: when the body’s cells are clean and the pathways are open and flowing, the body naturally looks lovely and perfect. Seriously, that’s all there is to it. The secret is out?

When the body gets clean inside, a remarkable, hidden beauty surfaces. Our modern ways of living (sedantry lifestyle, junk food and over eating) diminish innate beauty potential.  If we just make a few intelligent adjustments to our lives, we will immediately start to re-harmonize and awaken our highest beauty potential.

The modern lifestyle stamps out youth and beauty with wrong foods and lifestyle, then sends you out to buy chemical-laden products or drugs to help you try to look younger, more beautiful, and appear healthy. These same products/chemicals cause further deterioration and seep poisons in the body that land in the tissues, contributing to unwholesome changes.

Finally, clean cells and open, flowing pathways in the body are the only ways to ensure true, lasting health and beauty. This can only be achieved through healthy eating, periodic detoxification (cleansing) and regular, moderate exercise.

Cleanse daily and reduce toxic build-up with “Body Perfect Cleansing and Healing Cocktail”. To get a slim waistline, combine with low calorie diet and exercise programme.


  1. Eat breakfast early:  It gets your metabolism off to a racing start.
  2. Eat every three hours: Six mini-meals a day keeps metabolism high; include lean protein,
  3. whole grain, fruits and vegetables in each.
  4. Drink coconut milk: People who drink coconut milk naturally stay at a healthier body weight. Fortress Coconut Milk Powder is best.
  5. Spike it up: This is very important. Cinnamon, cayenne pepper, lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar help to speed up metabolism and reduce cravings. (They are all in Body Perfect Healthy and Cleansing Cocktail.

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