With the current economic melt down, spending money for most people has been greatly affected. What it means is that shoppers are a bit wiser, buying only essential items. Although there are a few people who would follow the trend no matter its effect on their purses, there are others who just keep their style as classic as possible.

That way, their key pieces remain relevant long after its season. Today, we bring you seven key classic pieces that every woman should have in their wardrobes.

BIG LEATHER BAG” big bags are a delight to have. They are not only trendy, they can hold as many items as you choose to carry.

BLACK PANT SUIT: For anyone in the corporate world, a pant suit is a must in one’s wardrobe. It is that outfit that represents power and enables the unlooker take you serious. Luckily these days, even though classic, there are several designs that can even make the classic dresser swing between classic and trend.

FITTED JACKET: Fitted jacket shows off feminine curves and creates waistline, adds structure to the figure. You can mix and match with either a skirt or a trouser for both formal and casual outing.

PEARLS: Like diamonds, pearls are just great for any woman to own. In whatever colour it comes, it is usually an agreeable neck piece for both corporate and evening wear.

PLAID: The plaid or tartan as you know has been around for many years. However, there are seasons when it is the in thing. The plaid pays tribute to both the British.

WHITE SHIRT: What can anyone do without a classic white shirt? It is one of te most versatile wardrobe essentials. A classic white shirt can be paired with trouser or skirt as the case may be.

TURTLE NECK: The days does get cold sometimes that you need to keep the neck area warm. The turtle neck comes handy but beside providing warmth during the cold season, it has a great fashion appeal that distinguishes the wearer. Pair the right colour with your pant suit and see what a great look it will create for you.

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