By Folake Aina
One thing we all sometimes fail to realize about life is that there are always different levels. Whether we like it or not, people fall under different levels or categories. There will always be the rich, and there will always be the poor. Somehow, you just know what level you belong to.

It is possible to be in the wrong level though. There is a way you would know what level you belong to. No matter what level you belong or find yourself, its really always possible to rise to another level. We can therefore say that there are really no permanent levels. You can be born into a category and rise out of that level  you find yourself through hard work or by getting educated, a persons level could change through adoption into a wealthy family or through marriage.

What makes life worth living is not really the level you fall into, but the peace and the joy you have at whatever level you belong. If you do not learn to be content, life would pass you by. That is right. Many have wasted a  whole lifetime just by consistently coveting higher levels other than enjoying the level they are. I have pointed out that complacency is not allowed, but have some  measure contentment.

The truth? Most of what you see around is not for real. You want to kill yourself because of what you think others are achieving. If only you knew the truth.  Most of what you see around is not for real. Yes there are those who really have the kind of immense wealth we are talking about, but not as many as you imagine.

You can get what I am saying by calculation. How much wealth can the whole of Nigeria boast of. If you work by calculations, you would realize that something has got to be fishy. Many live on borrowed garments, many are indebted beyond your wildest dreams and are living big on debt. Its an option you don’t want to take.

All you have and where you are is good enough for you.
A person who is happy where he/she is  would seem very prosperous. That is positive. Happiness and peace add value to what you are worth. Many people are not even where you are yet, but you envy them because you think they are what they show that they are. Don’t let the fakes kill you. Know the truth and be free.

A man said that most of what people kill themselves over are totally unnecessary. There is so much madness going on. The way   people just amass wealth in our country is insane. Everything works by calculation. You cannot live in more than one house at one time. There is a limit to the amount of food that your stomache can take. So even if you are blessed and want to leave an inheritance for your children, how many are they. By the way, inspite of the fact that your own folks did not leave you an inheritance, are you not fulfilling destiny.

Be very careful. Life could be more fun for you, if only you calm down a little bit. Reminds me of the story of this brother. He was in his mid forties, and he made some money through a contract that he did. He really wanted his children to be raised in any of the so called high brow raising areas of Lagos and he wanted to live there as well.

The money he had seemed a lot, but was not enough to buy or  build in any of those areas.. He decided to lease a property for twenty five years, realizing that with that he would live well, still have enough money to meet his obligations. He figured that in twenty five years, all his children would be out of the house, and on their own, and if he does not make any extra money, they would take care of him, but within what he had in hand, he would live the life he wanted.
So here is this man, people did not know he didn’t own the house, and he did not volunteer the information, and he had his peace. All his friends were full of envy.

They didn’t bother to ask him, but concluded he bought the house, and all started struggling to compete with him. Of course our main man here had his peace, and when you have peace, and contentment, there is a way you attract good things. Because he was positioned right, he made more money, the owner of the property wanted to sell, and was able to buy the property.

The point I am making is, let what you have work for you. Make sure that where you understand that where you are is all you have for now. Make the best of it.

You can strive for the best, but be happy. You cannot  move by envying everyone around you. Don’t lose your peace and joy over what you do not understand. You understand who you are and where you are.

Enjoy your life. You came to this world with no one. You owe it to yourself to fulfill  destiny. Go at your own pace. Surely you will get there. Negativity does not do it. Be positive about all things and you will get there.

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