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Iwu should go

Iwu’s job is on the line. In the month or so, the I.N.E.C boss should be looking for a new job. The man, who has the final say, the acting president, has said so. The regulation has said so.
If the come as become (apology to Mbadiwe) as Iwu would become, it would have been a long haul. Iwu has done all he could do to make it possible to hold to the reign of power.

Odumegwu Ojukwu had passed a note of confidence in the professor.
“The entire people of Anambra and the entire Ndigbo have thanked him for a job well done”. He referred to the last general election in Anambra and Ojukwu’s call should normally carry, but it will not.

Iwu has not been consistent; he has diminished the image of Nigeria.

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has just returned to Nigeria from the U.S. His ears, as the Yoruba will say, hear many things. The U.S assistant secretary of state, Johnnie Carson said many things without saying much. He said Iwu has proven himself inadequate in overseeing Nigeria’s “deeply flawed” polls in 2007.

“If Nigeria is to move forward, improving its election process, it probably needs to consider improving the level of management at the top”, says Carson. A euphemism for Iwu must go. “Nigeria”, he says “is a democracy that is moving forward. It deserves leadership appropriate to the task in the election commission.”

It has taken the Iwu electoral commission chairmanship as forgone. He says “we hope that when it comes time to look at reappointment or the decision to appoint someone else, that his past record be taken into account”.

Francis Ibezim, Paschal Iwu and Nkemka Egbert Omuwa are the three Nigerians who would call a spade a spade. They are Igbo who will be patriotic but will still say the truth.

Underworld Igbo association, incorporated gave a litany of misbehaviours committed by Iwu under his direction. Hear him: “He (Iwu) failed in the 2007 elections, failed in the re-elections and bye-elections, yet some people want us to give him a chance for a hat-trick in 2011. He is our kinsman but we take no delight in his conduct”.

“If we have to choose one word as a result of which governments and institutions succeed, it has to be confidence. High level of confidence and trust are intrinsic in the all important job of an umpire like Iwu. Nigerian and the international community view Prof. Iwu with intense suspicion.

He may have more degrees than a thermometer, but the nation’s optimism in his integrity has sunk lower than our stock market”. The international electoral assessment team stated in its report that “given the sincere lack of confidence in I.N.E.C leadership, the government should reconstitute the I.N.E.C chair and board…” The report stated that this move “could significantly contribute the establishing confidence in I.N.E.C”.  Ibezim’s Igbo association has said Iwu has committed a great misconduct and that should entitle him to sack.

There are other heavy charges. Thank God Iwu’s tenure is up and Goodluck will have the good fortune to kick him out. Goodluck should not give him the pleasure to spoil his tenure.

‘Say no to IBB’

Sometime ago, there was a call by a group of people asking us to say no to IBB’s ambition to become the President of Nigeria.  It was even said they would protest.

It is a serious affair because the presidency of Nigeria, if everything goes well, is a serious matter.
For a population of over 140 million people and, “but net importer”, we should seriously mind our condition.
Nigeria, except for snatchers of inspiration, has always behaved as a spoilt child.  In fifty years of independence, we have increased in population but retrogressed in the economy.  Every index of progress has nosedived.

Our roads, our electricity, our education are in disrepair.  There were our golden years when countries of the region flocked to us and we were the big brothers.  Now, the countries who looked up to us are now self sufficient on their own.

Now as we prepare for another general election, should we protest against Babangida or should we state what we should do to better our lot and then look out for a capable Nigerian who will help us to realise our hopes?

Let me warn, however, that elections in Nigeria have their peculiarities.  They are limited by tribal and political boundaries.  The Nigerians will fight for his tribe and his politics if they happen to coincide.  So, we are in the era of northern presidency regardless of an acting President.  I make bold to say the Vice or Acting President will never be a President.

The north will fight tooth and nail to retain the presidency.  The fight will be in the north and nowhere else.
There has been a fancy foot work by Babangida, he has traversed the west and the east; His soldiers are covering the north and it is still to be seen how that will translate.  But, we should not underrate the willy soldier.  He has been beaten once by Umar Yar’Adua, thanks to Obasanjo.

Obasanjo has set Gusau in readiness against him.  Obasanjo may have other aces on his hands.
Ibrahim Babangida is a consummate strategist and he may decide to withdraw if the race hots up to his dislike as he had once done.

But let us note that Babangida will be playing the game that Obasanjo played.  Babangida was a military President and then a civilian President.  Babangida can also become one.
So, do not say no to Babangida yet.

Oba Orishagbemi is dead
In times past, no one steals a royal trumpet.  People will ask; where will he play it?  That is no more.  They do not only steal a trumpet, they steal the king as well.

It is now common knowledge that they steal royalties across the length and breadth of the land.  And they demand ransom for them.
My own sovereign, Joeseph Osasona Adeleye Orishagbemi, was stolen and crashed in the process.  The Attah Aiyede Ekiti, Olowolodu II is no more!  He was stopped and transhipped into a less regal transport and in the process was crashed.

Adeleye, my friend of 45 years, lost his life at the age of 77. Orishagbemi was a complicated personality – a warm personality.  At the same time a hard knut to crack.  He was a soft man too.

One of his cardinal sins, according to his traducers, was he did not have much education, but that he made up by unusual amount of native intelligence.  He made it up with his humanism. Gabriel Orishagbemi, his father and king, contributed to the social life of Aiyede – he built a church; a mosque and the palace.

Joseph improved on this and did more.  He trained many other of the Aiyede people.  He trained many of his own children too.  He made a fetish of education.

He lived for 15 years as the Oba of his people.  He could have done more but, I thank God for his life.


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