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Fare thee well, Rimi

By Kola Animasaun
We can take precautions against all sorts of things but so far as death is concerned, we all of us live like inhabitants of a defenceless citadel.“ Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900).
Abubakar Rimi, former Governor of Kano State and a minister of the Nigerian realm, died recently and has been buried in Kano. There was “commosion” in the country concerning the death. It is said he died of fright occasioned by shock from robbers.  It is easy to accept that, but in the circumstance of Rimi, I feel hard to believe. Rimi looked like forged steel.

Take for instance the way he spoke, the things he said, the men he encountered. Take for instance the company he kept, he did not seem to be one who could easily go under.

Abubakar Rimi was a colleague of mine way back in 1966.  He was a member of the Northern group of young men sent to the Federal Ministry of Information. Among them were Mallam Heebah, Kamba and Gusau and so on.

They formed the N.E.P.U, group of young men sent out to learn or “civilize” us. Each of them had his ways, but Rimi was special and he was dutiful and we engaged him in the pastime of the Biafra agenda. Rimi and I were part of the group to the N.B.C. working on the propaganda agenda. There was hardly anyone who would not love Rimi.

Rimi stamped his authority as the Northern version of Aminu Kano, when he returned to Nigeria. No wonder he was called the Khalifa

He was as handsome as he was dutiful. No wonder he went from his posting in Cairo to take a diploma in International Relations at the University of London and crowned it with a Masters in international relations.
Rimi stamped his authority as the Northern version of Aminu Kano, when he returned to Nigeria. No wonder he was called the Khalifa.

Since Rimi’s death, I’ve heard some laughable calls for tracing the cause of his death. This is so because there are others whose deaths have not been unraveled.

There was the death of Bola Ige, Funsho Williams, Dipo Dina and others. This death will go the way of the others. Nigerian police are famous for unraveling mysteries through abeyance.

This is a time of mindless killings; a time for kidnaps that do not need to follow a pattern, and a time for final solution. I do not know if the police have any clue. We all need to do something about it. It concerns all.
Farewell Abubakar Rimi.

Energy, a tall order

Now, time flies.  Many things have happened since I could not write. Most important has been the ailing Yar’Adua. Of course, on that hangs a lot of problems.

We will have to talk about them one.  Since, Goodluck Jonathan has been made the Acting President. Now, Jonathan has to face the Nigerian problem. He has chosen to shoulder himself with the duty of energy minister. In other words, he will have to answer to us how our energy fares.

Yar’Adua promised us 6000 megawatts of electricity, and we have not achieved that. Yar’Adua has spent barely three years on the throne and it will be a tall order to think that Jonathan will do the trick.

Everywhere, electricity is most talked about, and it has been daily.  From the vulcanizers to the grinders, welders, tailors. From the industrial companies to the small-scale industries, there has been no relief, and this is not to talk about the domestic use of electricity.

Those who use air-conditioners have to do with good generators, and those who do with fans have to make do with portable generators. We cannot preserve our food because there is no electricity. God knows how many millions of naira we are losing everyday.

Now that Jonathan has taken on the task of relieving us of that burden, we will see how he does that. Of course, he will need good people and they are in short supply and we pray he gets them. We will continue to pray for.


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