It may take a long time for new prospects to make up their minds whether or not to buy from you. But once they do, they expect instant results. When people buy a car they want to drive it home today. When they sign up with a health club they expect to look and feel better by the end of the week. When they open a bank account they want a cheque book same day. When they subscribe to a magazine they want a copy delivered immediately. When they order for Mama Calabar’s delicious Afang soup they can hardly wait five minutes before sending reminders. Quick result is therefore an important concern for customers.

Try to design a system or operational model than can help reduce the time your customers have to wait after a transaction before they can start enjoying the results of their decision to buy. Try to deliver your product at the point of sale. When that’s not possible, look for creative ways to provide a benefit your customer can start enjoying immediately. For example, a publisher recently created a special package combination of his latest book in print and several eBooks on the same subject. When customers order his new book, they can immediately download the eBooks on their computer. They don’t have to wait for the hard-cover book to arrive before they can start enjoying the benefit they paid for.
Customers want products that are easy to use and services that produce results without disturbing their daily routine. You can increase your sales by stressing the “easy to use” characteristics of your product or service in all your promotions. Convenience and ease of use are often more important to customers than price. Simplify your buying procedure too. Make it easier for customers to buy from you and you will get more sales. For example, many online shoppers are impatient and won’t tolerate a lengthy ordering process. Minimize the number of times your customer has to click to another screen when ordering online. Use a simple order form. And don’t ask them to give you more information than you need to process their order. Keep easy procedures.

Every prospect and customer wants personal attention. One way you can provide it is by giving them an opportunity to ask questions. Only interested prospects will take the time to ask questions. Many will buy from you if they get valuable information from your answer. You can often include a promotion for your product or service as part of your answer.

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