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Want to Feel Better? Get Present!

By Patricia Omoqui
How many moments are you truly alive and present to fully experience life?
The present moment is the only moment in which power and creativity are available.  Peace can be found only in the present moment.  In the NOW, there is possibility and energy.

One of the key questions I face many times a day is, “Will I resist the present moment or will I flow with it?”   The answer to this question determines the enjoyment I experience in life.

Years ago I read a book called The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle.  It was exactly what I needed.   (In fact, it still is what I need still read it regularly to review the ideas).   The book taught me how often I judged, resisted and fought with the present moments in my life.   I learned that the only moment we can truly impact is the Present Moment, the NOW.

When I watched my mind closely I found that 90% of the time I was living in the future, wishing for change to happen.  I would tell myself,” If only my circumstances would change, then I could be happy.”  I was pushing my happiness and satisfaction to a later point in time.  I was missing out on enjoying my life right now.

When my thoughts weren’t in the future, I was thinking about the past, feeling dissatisfied with where I was in my life and regretting decisions I had made.  Peace, happiness and satisfaction alluded me, or should I say, I alluded them by never being truly present.

I was fighting my life.  I was resisting my situation.  I was missing out on the incredible gifts the present moment had to offer me.  I was trapping myself in a mental cycle of misery.

I started to ask myself, “ Is it possible for me to embrace my life situation rather than fight it?  Can I flow with the moment rather than resist it?”  At first, this seemed impossible.  But with the ideas I learned in The Power of Now, I figured it was worth a try.  It certainly couldn’t make my life situation any worse to apply the ideas to my life.

I gave it a try.

By flowing with the moment, I connected to beautiful potential and possibility that I hadn’t been able to see when I was resisting my life situation.  I admit to you, I am still learning!  There are still many days when I feel at my wit’s end.  I still have days when I struggle.  But now, when I notice the feelings of restlessness and dissatisfaction, I simply acknowledge them.  Then I refocus my mind on thoughts that allow me to feel better  things I am grateful for in my life or dreams that excite me.

I choose to continually open the space for miracles to enter my life.  I endeavor to be alive to as many NOW moments each day as possible.  With focus, most days I am actually able to find deep peace, joy and satisfaction regardless of my circumstances.

What miracles and enjoyment are you missing out on because of the resistance you feel toward your current circumstances?  Are you open to focusing more of your personal power in the present?

Each of us has 40,000 to 50,000 thoughts we think a day.  The more of these thoughts that we can focus in the present moment, the more powerful, creative and effective we can be at creating a rich, enjoyable life experience.

Here are some tips to help you more fully enjoy each day and maximize your personal power:
1.If you notice yourself fighting the present moment, stop yourself.  Take a few moments and breathe deeply.  As you breathe deeply, repeat the phrase to yourself, “I am here Now.  I live in the Now.  I choose to enjoy my life NOW.”  Take a deep breath and go back to the moment with new energy.

2.Become more mindful of what you do.  Take time each day to fully focus on what you are doing.  If you are drinking a cup of water, engage all five senses.  Feel the cup in your hands.  Taste the water with your full attention.  Listen as you gulp it down.  Take a deep breath and enjoy the refreshment of the water.  By using all five senses to fully focus on the activities we do we more fully experience and enjoy even the small things in life.  Being mindful is a simple technique to bring you back to the present moment.

3.Be grateful.  Another way to become focused on the moment is to make a list of all the things about your life that you feel good about it.  Write them down on paper so you can see clearly all the positive aspects of the situations you are experiencing in life.  Then do your best to stay in a state of gratitude throughout the day. There is always something.

4.Set a clear intention to be focused in the present.  Take the time to write down your intention so that the Universe knows you are committed to a new approach to your life.  By putting your intentions on paper, you energize them and you are more likely to remember them.

5.Look at the situation you are resisting with fresh eyes.   Are there any new ways you could see things?  Often when we get entrenched in thinking about our circumstances in a negative way, it is hard to shift our thinking.  To see things in a new light, we must purposefully review the situation and ask the Universe to help us see new possibilities.

6.Post reminders all around you.  Write BE HERE or NOW on a piece of paper and post it in locations where you will regularly see it.  It’s easy to get lost in thoughts of the past or future, so constant reminders are helpful to pull back to the present.
7.Find a friend to join you.  It’s easy to lose focus on our intentions to be present-minded.  Talk to your friends about the idea and see if any of them want to join you in your intention.  If they do, set a regular weekly time to check in with each other and see how you are doing in following through with your intention.  Having accountability and encouragement may help you in staying focused on living in the now.
Don’t miss out on your life by living in the past or the future.  Be here and now.  Live each moment in life to the fullest!
Your assignment this week is to choose one of the above tips each day and put it into practice.  Go for it!  I assure you that you will benefit from these ideas IF you put them into practice.  It’s all up to you!
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For Thought.
Waking up to your life is a marvelous experience.  Let us each decide we will live fully in the Present Moment.


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