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Through My Eyes, Then And Now!

January 4th, 2007 – I’ve been staring at the same spot on the ceiling for the last three hours, I can almost hear each hurried beat of my overworked heart, and I count each one, just waiting |

I lay down, motionless, except for the intermittent rise and fall of my chest. As I draw in each excruciating breath, I feel as though a hundred knives are being driven through my entire chest and back, only to be viciously ripped out and mercilessly driven in again, and again, and again … A lone tear slowly makes its way down my face as I remember the countless times I’ve been in similar situations over the years … If I had to qualify what I feel right now, the words excruciating, agonizing, and torment come to mind ..

The above are the opening lines of my story, titled ‘Through My Eyes, Then and Now!’ In this first chapter I describe what it feels like to experience what is popularly termed a ‘crisis’ – an episode of Sickle Cell Disease – a hereditary, chronic, life-long blood disease that affects millions of persons of African Descent, worldwide.

My story is a book, and in it I paint a vivid picture of just how devastating life with Sickle Cell Disease can be; but I point out that as terrible as this wide-spread disease is, and having no easily accessible medical cure, it is totally preventable with a simple genotype test. I wrote the book in the hope that via individual and collective efforts, this nation and other affected nations will wake up and take action to create more awareness of this disease and ensure that genotype testing, proper education and pre-marital counselling can become the norm in our education and health care institutions, so that further sickle-cell births can be prevented!

In simplistic language from the voice of personal experience, I also provide useful and practical information to Sickle Cell patients, their families, doctors and care-givers in order that the care and maintenance of persons battling this chronic condition can be greatly improved.

Finally, in this book I describe in detail my survival strategy: belief in God’s love and faith in His word, in order to let persons that are faced with this disease know that despite the many odds stacked them, they can live fulfilling and satisfying lives. In other words, with my strategy, a diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease does not have to be equal to a miserable, shallow and brief existence in a cruel world.

Through My Eyes, Then and Now! is a story of trials, tragedy and ultimately triumph, It’s a story that will undoubtedly make you cry and also make you smile. I believe it’s a story worth telling, but then again, it is the story of my life.
Here’s what Award-winning Broadcaster, Essayist and Author of ‘In the Blink of An Eye’ – Eugenia Abu had to say about the book:

Through My Eyes:
Then and Now! is an awesome book about pain, and the triumph of faith. Written in an exquisitely conversational style, the author engages us all in the story of her life, the journeys of her life, and the beauty that is her life. Through the Author’s life, we encounter Sickle Cell Anaemia like never before. The Author’s humour, matter of fact stories and special relationship with God gets us all ready to do whatever we have to, to find a cure for this debilitating disease.
The Author is at once teacher, preacher, pain bearer and friend.An incredible read. A real page turner. Should be on your shelf.

It is my desire and hope that as this book is published and launched this year, it becomes more than just a touching story. It becomes a tool that informs, educates and enlightens everyone that comes across it, and more importantly, it becomes a catalyst of positive and lasting change as regards this issue of national and global concern.

Bottom line, if this story causes one person to test his or her genotype and therefore pick an appropriate match in their choice of spouse, thereby preventing the birth of more SCD sufferers, If this story causes the parents of a SCD patient to understand better what their child is going through and how to take care of that child better, If this story causes one SCD sufferer to have hope-against-hope for a bright future… then I could count my trials and tragedies to be triumph indeed.

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