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The Truth is your path to Financial Success

By Patricia Arawon
In this edition, I will be telling you what I presume is already known to all of us. Indeed, it has been so from the beginning of time.

Even the Ten Commandments tell us that we should not bear false witness. Simply put, we should not lie. Unfortunately, we ignore this simple law of nature and in many instances we do not only destroy ourselves financially by doing so, we also destroy or affect the lives of those who are close to us and depend on us for their physical and financial needs.

In order to understand the gravity of how lies can destroy our finances, it is important to stop for a minute and look around us.

Take the present situation, which we find ourselves in the country today, and how lies by executives in big organizations have caused the values of stocks to plummet, companies to implode, and jobs and investments to be lost. How lack of transparency, even at state and national levels, has reduced our country to its present financial status despite our vast human and natural resources.

We have all been greatly affected by the economic downturn resulting from the lies of a few organized people who, out of selfish interest, have conned us into making some wrong financial decisions. So, are you one of those people who have worked hard all your life and just as your retirement approaches, you find that much of your money, which you have so carefully saved or invested towards your old age has disappeared? Some of us have invested our time and money on shares, which we thought were safe, yet we lost big time! Some others have lost their jobs in the process of downsizing and it has not been easy finding a replacement. Whatever your situation, I urge you not to give up because within every
problem there is a seed of success just waiting to be watered in order to bear fruits.

If you want to get out of trouble with your finances or hold on to what you already have, you simply must learn to speak the truth, not just to others, but to yourself.

Everyday we tell the world in various ways, who we are financially speaking. We express ourselves through the clothes we wear, the house we live in, the cars we drive, by the accessories we adorn ourselves with and even the kind of shopping bags we carry.

But in all these situations, are we telling ourselves the truth? In fact, everyday that you look at the mirror to remind yourself of who you are, you are also led to make choices with your money and the effect of these choices you may have to live with all your life. For instance, you have ten thousand Naira in the bank and you are willing to part with all of it, simply to impress others and make them believe you are a wealthy man. Then be prepared to live with the result of such a lie.

The truth is that many people tend to lie about who they really are when it comes to their true value in the bank. But recent events have shown that financial lies destroy financial lives and telling the truth always is the only way to keeping what we have and creating what we deserve.

Realizing the above, I have in recent months decided to socialize a little bit more in order to observe how people express themselves even in this global recession and I am amazed at what I see in some of these very “big” Lagos parties. I was shocked to see a lady on stage spraying mega crisp notes for several minutes. Only a week before, this same lady was moaning and groaning about how bad her financial situation is and how she has been unable to get help from every where she went.

As she came down the stage from her spraying spree, I turned the other direction afraid not to embarrass her, but I asked myself, “Who is she lying to?” She may be trying to exaggerate what she has in order to exaggerate who she is. But let me quickly add here that this kind of exaggeration can only lead to destruction of wealth. For each decision you make with your money puts you at a junction between truth and lies, one path leads to creating wealth and the other path to destroying what you already have.

To be continued next week.


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