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Shampooing Your Weave

I do not really like shampooing weaves because I am never sure all the shampoo/conditioner has been rinsed out.

I f we were taught to rinse our hair for 5 continuous minutes with running water before we can deem it to be clean, can you imagine how much water one would need to completely rinse out the weave? Now, I know that most salons in our environment have challenges with water; so you ought to be aware of this fact before you subject your weave-on to an incomplete wash.If you do decide to shampoo your weave, follow these rules for best results.

· DO NOT rumple-scrub the weave-on especially after wetting it. That is the surest way to tangle the hair. Otherwise called ‘over-manipulating’, too much agitation while shampooing loosens the threads holding your extensions in place. It is common to find most women opting to have a re-fix of their extensions soon after shampooing. So if you are not quite ready to fix anew, try cleaning the lines of your weave with witch hazel solution until you are ready for it to come off and have a proper treatment.

· DO NOT dishevel the extensions while shampooing to avoid tangles and having to lose the weave altogether.

If you try to detangle your weave-on by brushing vigorously especially when the weave is wet, the extensions will shed leaving you with a scanty weave which will need to be filled up or re-done. Always keep hairs flowing in the normal downwards direction in which you brush. Keep hairs in a smooth alignment while scrubbing so that hair is controlled. Gently lift hair to reach the scalp and massage with caution.

· DO detangle hair while it is wet. Do not wait for hair to dry out before you detangle it. When dry, hair is locked in tangles and may need to be cut before it separates.

· DO make sure that hair and scalp are completely dry after shampooing. The woven areas at the base of the weave [cornrows] will develop unpleasant odors if it is damp and remains damp for a long time. Your weave must be totally dry before you go to bed as well; damp hair and scalp means itching and discomfort for you all through the night.


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