Her Excellency

Her Excellency, This letter is from one    woman who understands the enormous influence of women to another woman who wields enormous powers, at home and in the political landscape of our country, Nigeria.

Turai Yar'Adua

Ordinarily, on this page, I should be commenting on your beauty; your beautiful skin and slender figure. For a woman in her fifties, I must say, you  have done very well and you, indeed, epitomise what I have been preaching in the last twenty years – that a woman can be beautiful at every age.  I say kudos to you on that score.

However, today, I write you this letter, on a very weighty matter and, I hope, as one woman to another woman, a wise one for that matter, you will heed advice.

The issue is that your husband, President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, is sick. Indeed, very sick. So much so that three months after he was spirited off to Saudi Arabia, he was surreptitiously flown into the country in the dead of night, landing on a disused part of the Presidential Wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport – in many respects as the most important international gateway to our country – thus raising various issues.

How ominous!
While you were away in Saudi Arabia, nursing him, all manner of cacophonic events had played themselves out. The point at which you arrived, a few days ago, was that a constitutional hybrid had been adopted, named

“The Doctrine of Necessity”, which vested executive powers on the Vice-President as Acting President until your husband is well enough to take charge. With this amalgam, many of us had cause to breathe a sigh of relief, believing that the tango had steamed itself out and it was time for the country to move forward, pending the arrival of your husband – the President.

Make no mistake, Nigerians love your husband and wish him well. Indeed, I am one of those who have prime affection for him, especially with his pronouncements to “obey the rule of law”.

But, alas, I am broken hearted! I am despondent because, every action your husband has taken since November 23, 2010 has broken all civilised laws. The question on every one’s lips is why he failed to inform the National Assembly, as required by law, before leaving the country on medical vacation? Assuming he was too sick to do so, at the time, when he became conscious enough to grant the BBC interview, why didn’t he write that all-important letter and saved us the headache we now collectively suffer from?

Somehow, all fingers are pointing at you, Ma. The rumour mills have it that you are the one ‘in charge’. They claim that the President would have continued to remain in Saudi Arabia – until he fully recuperates = but for your insistence, against sound advice from his doctors.

The rumour mills suggest that you instructed that he be packaged, even though unconscious, to Nigeria. This, they say, explains the midnight flight and the air-ambulance.

Considering that you’re the only one who has seen the president these past months, these wild stories will continue to churn like cancer cells, virulently burgeoning out every good cell.

The most vicious, in my estimation, is the story that you ordered the airport scene, gave instructions for the army presence without the knowledge of the Acting President! How could this be? This must be the most wicked of lies! For I find it hard to believe that you wield such enormous powers, even over our armed forces.

My dear sister, these are tough times for the country and for you, in particular. Here you are, worried about the love of your life; and there, the wicked ones stand, churning out lies and even more fibs about your intentions.

How could they say that you are so consumed by the quest for power that you want to rule by proxy? That is, hiding behind your husband’s presence to give instructions to the Acting President! This, I say, is hogwash!

But, my opinion is irrelevant. Like wild fire, the embers of these lies are being fanned by your silence and the failure of presenting a hearty president to the people. Or, are these stories true?

Woman to woman – my advice is that the President be allowed to rest. Let him recuperate in peace. The ball is in your court. As a wife, you hold all the aces!

Keep him away from all political shenanigans until he is well enough to take over from the Acting President, not Vice President as one of the presidential aides seemed to suggest.

There is no constitutional role for taking instructions from the First Lady – pray, let your actions not fuel this. Otherwise, all the goodwill you have would have been frittered away.

God bless,

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