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OBJ – Surprise reactions

By Donu Kogbara

LAST  week, I criticised the many PDP members who objected to Yar’Adua being “foisted” on them as a presidential candidate but maintained a cowardly silence when Obasanjo (aka OBJ) instructed them to vote for Yar’Adua at the party convention in 2006…and are now bitterly blaming OBJ for problems that wouldn’t have arisen if they had stood up to him.

I added that I was particularly mystified by the passivity of Northern PDP guys who allowed OBJ to compel them to accept a zonal representative whose health was known to be fragile, even then. I concluded by saying that Obasanjo, though flawed, possessed a strength of character that made him more impressive than his weak subordinates.

Obasanjo has been publicly vilified on numerous occasions since he left office, not least by the very same PDP folks who kow-towed to him when he was in charge; and I rarely hear anyone say anything good about him nowadays. So I assumed that most Vangaurd readers would be anti-OBJ, and that my comments would attract a barrage of complaints.

But, much to my surprise, most of the people who responded to that column agreed with much of what I said about OBJ. Here is a selection of the responses I received.

What a fine piece Donu on our highly misunderstood leader and a legend of our time. OBJ – the biblical prophet without honour in his home stead.

Thanks Donu for your very precise article- “The OBJ Factor”. You said exactly what I feel anytime I read the jargon coming out from the mouths of PDP politicians when they talk about OBJ. Thanks

Barr Tony
Hi Donu! I commend your factual and realistic analysis of issues. Your piece on the OBJ factor mirrored correctly the attitude of Nigerian politicians at all levels. Cowards, selfish and unprincipled. We don’t take them seriously anymore. I only wish and pray that  the Acting President will wake up soon to the clarion call of the overwhelming majority of the Nigerian people, act like the President he is and stop been distracted by the self-seeking cabal.

Sis, permit me to call you a true woman of virtue! Your write-up on the OBJ factor was correct. I believe that most of the people abusing him in newspapers are either envious of him or seeking relevance. The truth is that OBJ’s name will always sell. Continue the good work.


If you look at OBJ and Nigerian history since 1960, you will agree with me that OBJ is the biggest politician of our time.

Donu nice piece. Nigerian politicians are mere survivalists and the lowest form of life. They can’t stand up for themselves, talk less of God. History is writing itself. We are watching.

Your write up was so interesting. The North was so desperate for power and that’s why one man, OBJ, could win them totally in the Yar’Adua soccer game!

Your write up on the OBJ factor is down to earth. Thank God for people like you who have good memories and are not carried away by greedy, insincere and selfish politicians. Keep it up.

I wish to react to your piece on the OBJ Factor. OBJ has some positive achievements like the GSM revolution, banks consolidation and various reforms, to name but a few. However, his failed third term attempt and unholy affairs with women almost dented his image. In summary, we can’t wish him away and no one is perfect and he has a good side that should be emulated by those who have worked with him.

I agree with you…OBJ may have had his faults while he was in the saddle but cowardice or indecisiveness were certainly not among them. Nigeria needs fearless, decisive and firm leaders like OBJ. I miss the old man.

If I had opportunity to see you face to face, I would have given you a bottle of malt. Help me ask Nigerians why they voted for Yar’Adua knowing he was not well.

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