By John Egbokhan
The Executive Board of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC), in accordance with Section 16.1 of the NOC constitution, has called for an Extraordinary General Meeting for May 4, where the agenda for the day would be election into various positions in the Olympic body.

Rising from a three-hour meeting weekend at the secretariat of the NOC at the National Stadium, Lagos, presidents of 17 Olympic sports federations, said that they were calling for the meeting, following the submission of the report of the Electoral Committee headed by Rev. Moses Iloh to the body’s president, Habu Gumel, who in turn, has refused to furnish them with the details of the report.

Speaking on behalf of the 17 federation presidents, who jointly signed the letter calling for the May 4 meeting, which has been sent to the International Olympic Committee and ANOCA, first vice-president of the NOC, Jonathan Nnaji, who is the head of the Taekwondo Federation of Nigeria, said that the tenure of the Habu Gumel executive committee, expired since October and observed that the latter has been holding on to the reins of power even when the Electoral Committee, had recommended in their report, March 31st for election.

“I am aware, because I was present, that the Electoral Committee, has given its report to Gumel, but I and other members of the executive board, are yet to see the details, as required by the constitution. For the record, our tenure has finished since October and we thought that by now, election should have been done but six months on, we don’t know the way forward.

“We cannot allow our sports to suffer any further, because our athletes have to be at the junior Olympics, Commonwealth Games and the 2012 Olympic Games to look forward to and we cannot afford this vacuum, any longer.
“Taking into considerations all these factors, the Executive Board, acting in consonance with Section 16.1 on Extraordinary General Meeting, hereby calls for such on May 4, where the agenda for the day would be election.

“The section in question reads that “the executive board can call for an EOGM at anytime, but at least 28 days from the day that the motion was raised”, added Nnaji.


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