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Brand Writers implore Acting President to appoint technocrats

Princewill EKWUJURU
Taking cognizance of the slow pace of governance since the inception of this administration and the present challenges facing the nation, the Brand Writers’ Association of Nigeria (BWAN), has called on Acting President Dr. Goodluck  Jonathan to put aside political sentiments and appoint technocrats into the Federal Executive Council to assist him fast track governance and concretely avail long suffering Nigerians the elusive dividend of democracy.

Nigerians are going through tortuous straits and the unfolding events around us have further plummeted the international image of our country in spite of the efforts of the former Minister of Information and Communications, Professor Dora Akunyili, also an accomplished technocrat, to prop it up vide the Re_branding Project.

This is therefore the time to draft men and women with skills, talents and courage into government to help bail out the country from the many problems that besets it. Men and women who will offer sincere advice to government not minding whose ox is gored. This category of Nigerians exists in this country, but it is left for Ag President Goodluck and his team to painstakingly look for them.

This is not a time to contend with politicians’ intrigues, insincerity and mindless prevarication in the face of the obvious chains of national emergencies that require urgent attention and conclusive solutions.
“And for the remaining part of the administration’s tenure, we want to advise the Ag President to adopt a brand management approach which demands that highly skilled and capable managers be given related responsibilities where their know_how would be optimized in_so_far_as  they are shielded from political contractors and jobbers who believe it is their right to bleed every regime that comes along or they will make trouble for it. This country has the potentials for becoming an enviable brand but we can only achieve this with discernible good governance that is bold enough to address the various touch_points that would assuage the hardship and feelings of Nigerians.

“The time is short and history beckons on the  Ag President Goodluck to be bold and do the right thing for the sake of posterity and suffering Nigerians. He has nothing to loose. Afterall, his party has told him that he should discard the dream of becoming the President.

He should therefore seize this opportunity to leave an indelible mark in the sands of governance. If we must genuinely address the major problems of inadequate power generation and supply, Niger Delta crisis and amnesty, electoral reforms,  sectarian butchering and lack of security, bad roads, poor health and education facilities, etc, Ag President Goodluck must necessarily look for qualified and God fearing persons,” said the President of Brand Writers’ Association of Nigeria, Mrs. Neta Nwosu,

According to her, if Acting President Goodluck must take care of the interests of the six geo_political zones in these appointments he must ensure that we have round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square holes. There are quality people in every part of this country. And if he seeks, he shall find. Good materials don’t hustle for jobs. We are tired of a situation where one man has been in charge of Oil affair in this country for over a decade. Such exclusivity of appointment could breed complacency.

There are brilliants Nigerians with good ideas and Ag President Goodluck should make bold to try them, concluded the BWAN President.


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