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Your part to success and wealth

By Patricia  Arawore
As it is my first article to you this year I believe that it is still appropriate to say happy new   year to you my dear readers    . Surely 2010 is here, still pregnant with hopes and great expectations of better days to come. I have no doubt that we all made our new year resolutions one of which i hope will be to diligently seek the path to  success and financial freedom.

If so, what steps are you taking to achieve your goal?  And now, one and half month latter how well have you done. A friend of mine who is also a pastor, prophesied that 2010 is our year of GREATER GREATNESS’ yes so it must be and I have  certainly  received that prophesy with all my heart and I hope that you too will do same. Surely none of us will like to continue with all the economic summersault the global recession  total collapse of the capital market, or the  death of  companies and businesses  which has left a lot of us physically and emotionally numb, jobless, poorer and unfulfilled.

Thus, we must be determined and focused towards making 2010 truly a year of greater greatness. For this reason I have decided to do a Re-Cap of previous editions as requested by you my dear readers who for one reason or another missed some editions. Thus to

Give you another opportunity to fully understand and be part of this highly educative column, I state below some of the highlights.

1.You must have a dream and a burning desire:
First, the key to becoming wealthy is to have a dream, not just a dream but a burning desire. Visualize in your mind’s eye what you want to be, as this is essential in determining how much time, energy, and sacrifice you will need to invest in other to achieve your dream and bring that burning desire into reality. That means breathing life into your desire to bring it to reality.

2. You need to have the right state of mind:
Note therefore that wealth is not a bad thing but it is the love for it and how it is acquired or spent that can make it bad. To buttress this point, I invite you to the Scriptural verse that says: “It is God that gives the power to make wealth…” Deut. 8:18. If that be the case, how then can wealth be evil?
3. Money does not discriminate:

Everyone, regardless of age, class, colour or creed can become wealthy, provided you follow the basic principles of creating wealth. So, Fear not for money has no preference but will surely come to anyone desirous of acquiring it, so long as you are prepared to apply these principles with dedication and a great measure of discipline.
4. It is never too late to start

Choice is a freedom opened to all. So, do you want to moan and groan or to have a fresh start? According to Benjamin Disreali ‘There is no education like adversity’. History presents us with countless success stories of sportsmen, inventors, artists, writers, etc who persevered against all odds until they made great success of their chosen career.

The lesson here is that every worthwhile venture comes with several hitches, and sometimes life-threatening challenges. But the determined person sees such stumbling-blocks as a stepping stone to greater things.  So, if you think that it is too late, and you have given up all hopes to financial success, I urge you sincerely to make a fresh start now, knowing that whatever happened yesterday are in the past. Today is a new dawn with fresh opportunities for you.


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