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Otherwise known as PITYRIASIS CAPITIS, dandruff is a physiological state manifested by flaking of the scalp in which the scales are trapped between the hairs by a film of sebum. The scales are small, silvery grey and dry, sometimes accompanied with moderate itching.

When the scales are greasier and heavier, it is described as a mild form of seborrheic dermatitis. Now, women with dry, itchy scalps should check to be sure that the itching is not caused by Flaking from product_use. Remember that if gels are not properly shampooed out from the hair, it could cause flaking.

Dandruff usually begins about puberty and persists through adult life. About half of the adult population presents variable degrees of involvement with both sexes equally affected.

In developing countries such as ours, the scales are heavy overlapping masses of whitish asbestos_like scales and can also be seen in children and young adults.

Dandruff can involve the eyebrows, eyelids and the grooves around the nose, including even the ears, chest or belly button. The skin underlying the affected area may be reddened. Flaking can be minor or can take the form of a thick yellow scale.

NOTE: Anything from pregnancy, to job_related stress, to an unbalanced diet, may contribute to itching and flaking of the head. Factors like stress, hormones and diet which affect the body also affect the condition of the scalp.

It is difficult to treat dandruff satisfactorily because it is one of those things that fall within a larger group of conditions that we all have to learn to manage and live with. Ordinarily, regularly shampooing, conditioning and moisturizing [SCM test] your hair and scalp should keep you flake_free.

If you are keeping to the SCM formula but you are not getting a result, then you need a shampoo formulated to fight dandruff. Dandruff caused by fungus is a chronic condition and therefore not likely to go away by itself. You WILL need to treat it constantly for relief.

People who have dandruff should first try over_the_counter products. If there is no improvement, then you will need to see a dermatologist to confirm that what you have is indeed dandruff. You may require prescription_strength treatment which may contain steroids, rather than over_the_counter preparations.

The scales/flakes can be kept under control with frequent use of certain ingredients. If flakes are severe, topical applications of corticosteroid solutions may be helpful. BUT let your doctor do the prescribing for you.

The trick is to keep your flakes and itching under control. Look for a product that is gentle enough for black hair that has been straightened with relaxing cream or colored with peroxide formula.

The most important thing to know is that the treatment of dandruff may need to be continued INDEFINITELY. Frequent shampooing is therefore normal; do not expect that after shampooing even with the right products a few times, you will never see the dandruff again. You WILL ALWAYS have to use these special shampoos intermittently, even though you will still need to use your neutralizing or other type shampoos when necessary.

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