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We are living in a world where it’s no longer an option but a necessity for people to eat clean, exercise and cleanse their system, if they wish to be healthy and live well.”

CAFFEINE: This substance agitates the heart rate and causes the body to release hormones, leading to a state of adrenal exhaustion, especially after prolonged use. All too often, users need ‘a caffeine rush’ because they feel is no longer serving as fuel. Caffeine is often used as the ‘go-to substance’ when you are flagging, but its benefits are deceptive. It charges up your batteries for a moment but does nothing to give you usable energy.

The problem with caffeine is that rather than giving you good energy, it stimulates your adrenal glands to make adrenaline, thus putting you in a fight or flight state. The body stresses out in response and prepares to react to danger; you are amped up and alert but chances are you’re seated at your desk and neither about to fight nor flee.

When that change wears off shortly thereafter, you’re left with the low that comes after the high: you might feel tired, moody or slightly irritable if you use caffeine throughout the day. You are, therefore, literarily forcing your adrenals to respond as if there is an emergency, time and time again.

It is no wonder that when this becomes a habit, it puts great wear and tear on the body, not to mention that you will start needing bigger hits to feel as amped as you used to. You lose some sensitivity to its effects and begin to consume more than a first-time caffeine drinker could ever tolerate. Without regular intake, you feel withdrawal symptoms, such as powerful headache.|

Don’t forget that many sodas and energy drunks are full of caffeine; and chocolate, especially the dark kind, is a potent source of it as well. If you’re not addicted to coffee, you might be addicted to one of these.

Caffeine stays in your system much longer than you may think. If you have trouble sleeping, the first change you need to make is to cut out all caffeine after lunch; afternoon coffees can affect you even up until bedtime.

CHEMICALS: Artificial preservatives, colours and flavouring as well as hydrogenated oils and pesticides are unwelcome guests that gatecrash your body and put a strain on your body effort at detoxification.

BAD FATS: Trans fat  these are formed when vegetable oils are made into solid form through a chemical process called hydrogenation. They are by far one of the most seriously damaging parts of our diet. Trans fat is used for many processed foods, especially snack foods, candy bars and baked foods; it is used widely in the fastfood industry. Also found in margarine and butter spreads, trans fat is cheap; it lengthens the shelf life of food and keep flavour stable – BUT AT A PRICE TO YOUR HEALTH.

Why, you may want to ask. Natural vegetable oil has gone through a harsh chemical process in order to be transformed into transfatty acids. These acids not only block us from absorbing and using essential fatty acids that we do need, they also disturb the make-up of our cells and are linked to a host of serious diseases, including cancer and diabetes.
Synthetic colours, flavours and preventives are added to processed foods to make them more appetising or more flavourful or to last longer than nature would allow.

These can build up in your intestines and cross through into your blood stream, taxing the liver which ought to detoxify the body. If the liver gets overloaded with toxins from prolonged consumption of these foods, the additives start to circulate in the blood stream and can lead to problems like skin disorders, weight gain and possibly auto-immune disorders. If you eat a lot of highly refined foods and stimulants, your body starts depleting its own mineral supply.

Alcohol: As far as your body is concerned, alcohol is chemically similar to sugar, so drinking any form of alcohol will set off the blood-sugar seesaw that promotes weight gain. And, that is before you even begin to consider the calorie content of the drink itself, which is likely to be very high and devoid of any nutritional benefit (so called “empty calories”).

What is more, alcohol acts as a potent appetite booster, so more alcohol equals more food consumed.
However, excessive calories are not the sole reason behind alcohol’s beer belly effect; what alcohol does is to reduce the amount of fat your body burns for energy, while preventing the absorption of many of the essential nutrients needed for successful weight loss, particularly vitamins B and C.

Oolong Tea: A delicate tea that has enzymes to promote and help our bodies to resist harmful bacteria. It is good tea for fasting, providing energy support and clear thinking.

Water! Water! Water!: NOT soda, coffee or juice, but good, old potable water; it is the vehicle the body must use to flush out the waste produced in normal body function. Aim to take eight glasses a day (nine if you are very active).

Body Perfect Healing & Cleansing Cocktail: A natural energizer, thermogenic, metabolic booster, detoxifier and a cholesterol zapper.

Fortress Coconut Milk Powder: it aids quick absorption of vitamins and minerals from your food and supplies more energy to your body.

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