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Reflections on Obi’s victory

By Mike Ebonugwo

The Anambra State governorship election, together with its outcome, has continued to be the talking point among parliamentarians in Lagos and elsewhere in the country. This was precisely the case at the Cele Bus-stop along the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway recently. It began with a parliamentarian, Chuks Morka, expressing happiness at Governor Peter Obi’s victory and re-election at the polls.

“Honestly I’m very, very happy that Peter Obi won the election. His victory has once again confirmed my belief that once God is for you, nobody can be against you. So all those PDP people and the Uba brothers who think that Anambra State belongs to them and that they can do anything they like with it should know now that God pass them,” he quipped with feeling.

Parliamentarian Bernard Afam picked it up from there. “Yes. At least I’m happy that Soludo did not win. All the mouth PDP made that they will win because of Soludo has come to nothing. Anambra people have simply demonstrated that their state is not a PDP state, that it’s APGA that controls the state while Obi is their preferred candidate anyday,” he submitted.

But parliamentarian Silas Ugwu took exception to this submission as he said: “What do you mean by bad-mouthing Soludo like that? Are you trying to say that he has no right to contest for governorship election in Anambra State? Look, as far as I’m concerned Soludo is the most qualified among those that contested and I strongly believe that he would have performed very well as Anambra State governor if he had won. Although he lost the election to Governor Obi, he demonstrated his maturity by accepting defeat without giving unnecessary excuses on why he lost. That is to show you that he is not like other politicians that believe that an election is only free and fair when they are the ones that are declared winner. So, abeg, leave Soludo alone”.

Parliamentarian Sola Oke chipped in at this point to say: “I think it’s good Peter Obi won, at least to put the so-called godfathers of Anambra politics in their proper place. With Obi’s victory, it’s now obvious that the era of godfather politics is gradually coming to an end. You know that for a long time what you hear about
Anambra and its politics is how one godfather sponsored the governor and other public office holders in the state and he would be the one that will be controlling them and how they discharge their duties in office.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with how they dealt with Mbadinuju and Ngige. Obi is the first person to battle them to a standstill by reclaiming his mandate which they hijacked and gave to Ngige. And now he has defeated the godfathers a second time by winning this election to enable him go for a second term”.

Silas’ response to this was: “Oh, you think Obi himself has no godfather? Look, there’s no person contesting election that has no godfather backing him. If you want me to tell you who Obi’s godfather is, I will tell you. He is Ojukwu; it was Ojukwu that told Anambra people to vote for Obi. Without Ojukwu’s passionate appeal to Anambra people to vote for APGA, Obi would not have won, and that is the truth”.

Chuks immediately retorted thus: “It’s clear you don’t know the meaning of godfather. A godfather is a
moneybag who sponsors somebody’s election with the intention of controlling the person when he is in office. Did you read anywhere where it was said that it was Ojukwu that sponsored or bankrolled Obi’s election? Ojukwu is simply an elder in APGA who believes that Obi has the quality to govern Anambra well and decided to express his support. What is wrong in that?   As long as Obi has God on his side he does not need a moneybag godfather to win. So, victory was made possible by God Almighty and not by any man”.

Before Silas could respond, a parliamentarian by name Dele had stated thus: “My own happiness about the whole thing is that there is no problem since the election result was declared. Although  I heard that many people could not vote due to INEC’s inefficiency, at least nobody is complaining seriously about Obi’s victory or trying to make trouble over it. That is, apart from Ngige and some other greedy politicians who decided to take the matter to court”.


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