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Dear angel, what is the difference between hair that is relaxed and that which is textured? You seem to favor texturing creams over relaxing cream.

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27 January 2010.

Yes, you are right; I do favor texturing the hair as opposed to frying it. The thing is: most women only carry their freshly-relaxed hair for as long as the edges stay straightened, which is only for 3 to 4 weeks.

The moment that the hair shows signs of being ‘due’ or ready for a touch-up, it is shepherded into braids or weave-on. And these are the actions of the discerning woman who knows that all hair needs and deserves an intermittent break from hairdressing procedures. My logic is that since one spends more time in some form of extensions or the other, there is absolutely no need to have the hair so finely relaxed.

Fried hair runs the risk of breaking easily; don’t forget that the harmless relaxing cream dries the hair, leaving it ‘thirsty’ and making it susceptible to breakage and eventual damage.

Since the texture cream does not straighten fully, the hair is NOT likely to break because it retains much of its natural thickness. Furthermore, hair that has been textured can be treated the same way we treat PERMED hair; you can ‘steam’, you can set with rollers, you can wrap, you can color, you can blend it with your weave-on and for a straighter look, you can use hot irons to achieve the frying effect.

You are advised to maintain your textured hair like you would your relaxed hair. You will still need to use a NEUTRALIZING shampoo for instance. Using a texturing cream does not mean that one can or should ignore post-chemical procedures; they are still necessary if you want to maintain healthy hair. So post-chemical treatments, temporary rinse and leave-in treats remain necessary and relevant with textured hair. Take note that the studio specializes in healthy hair growth and maintenance.


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