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Money is a form of energy

By Okechhukwu Onwuka
The law of conservation of energy is an empirical law of  physics. It states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant over time (is said to be conserved over time).

A consequence of this law is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed from one state to another. The only thing that can happen to energy in a closed system is that it can change form, for instance chemical energy can become kinetic energy. – WIKIPEDIA

The above extract is a theory known to many who have taken physics as a subject in secondary school or in higher studies in science. Going a little further, we also recall that there are many forms of energy. These include Sound energy, Mechanical energy, Potential energy, Kinetic energy, etc. When you drive a car, the potential energy in the petrol is converted to heat energy in the engine.

The heat energy in the engine is converted to Mechanical energy which is converted to kinetic energy as the car moves from one position to another. The same heat energy in the engine is converted to light energy (Vehicle lighting), sound energy (horns) and other functions that support the entire driving effort.

Without fuel (petrol or diesel) in a vehicle’s tank, no matter how well designed the car’s engine is, there can be no motion. Even if the driver has the “good” intention of driving the car, has a valid driving license, is honest and healthy, nothing will move the car without fuel in the tanks. Unless of course he decides to manually push the car.

While it may appear silly for anyone to think of driving a car without fuel, some of our attitudes have a similar inclination. Reality is that it is not possible to do relatively nothing and have the rewards rolling in without end. Some early scientists (referred to as Alchemists) spent an inordinate amount of time searching for a chemical or substance that can turn all metals to gold.

One thing they may not have been aware of is that if such a material was found, gold will no longer be scarce and as such gold value will crash. Of course, they never succeeded. Another group of scientists worked extensively to invent a machine that will continue to do work without additional fuel. The model machine was tagged ‘the perpetual motion machine’.

If this quest succeeded, then the Law of conservation of energy would have ceased to be a law. Inevitably, all who have such disposition in business and life continue to meet one frustration or another. As a result of an extensive private study, I make bold to say that money is a form of energy. It cannot be created or destroyed, but can only be transformed from one form to another. Before the creation of paper money (Fiat money) and the resulting fractional reserve banking system, goods and services were traded on a barter arrangement.

At other times, value was stored in precious metals such as gold and silver. When warehouse receipts came to be recognized as one of the earliest forms of banking and paper money, the receipts were backed by equivalent value in commodity.

When we do work, provide product or service, we receive the value of what we have given by the monetary value. The money received gives us the ability to purchase other goods or service we desire. It is then safe to say that money is only one of the many products of successful entrepreneurship. Even when you render a service without receiving cash, you have stored up positive energy of goodwill.

In other words, the more service or work you provide, the more the potential rewards. All things being equal(as the economists will say), the more energy you invest, in terms of hard work, discipline, planning, passion, resource utilization etc, the higher the conversion into money and other forms of energy.

This is not good news for those on a constant search for the easy way. Others are looking for Angel investors, who are so foolish as to be willing to throw their money at shallow business concepts. Many complain that banks do not lend them money when they have no verifiable evidence that they have stored up sufficient energy in the past to qualify for credit facilities. Richard Branson, in his column, Sunday Punch January 31, 2010 says…

Frustratingly for those looking for an easy answer or formula, there isn’t one. There is no substitute in business for actually running a business. I used to give free tickets to my seminars sometimes back but I stopped when I realized I was punishing those adults we allowed free entry to value education.

Because learning is particularly difficult in adults (after character traits have been formed), the best way to get people to appreciate and use the values associated in any system, product, education or service is to make them pay. By parting with their stored energy in cash, they are fully primed to get value from the product or service. The results in life and business improvement for the majority of participants in our past fee-based seminars and workshops is ample proof of this theory for me.   Dr Myles Munroe confirms this pattern too.

The space for this article is not enough to outline all the findings that confirm that Money is a form of energy but the book on the subject will soon be released. If you want rewards, in money terms or other ways, learn from history. Choose what field you love or have skills in to express your enterprise spirit.

Then burn the energy it requires for adequate conversion to elevation, happiness, money, peace of mind etc. There are many wealthy men who will rather give out millions to charity (Orphans, disabled, distressed, etc) and religious programs than give N10 to someone who they feel will either misuse it or not appreciate the value. There is always a price to pay for anything of value.


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