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Are you ready to take your hair’s needs seriously this year? At angel’s studio HAIR CLINIC, we offer you the chance to get the right care for your hair, once and for all. Starting with a consultation that chronicles your hair’s history, we physically examine the scalp and hair for ‘irregularities’ such as flakes, burns, bald patches and scanty areas.

When did you start experimenting with chemicals on your hair? Did your hair ever thrive once you started chemical applications? What procedures had you done before? What makes your hair thrive and what makes it liable to break? Do you know the characteristics of your hair and scalp? Are you using the right products? Are you using the ideal relaxing agent for your hair type?

All these questions and more, help to paint a clearer picture of what needs to be done to restore or reconstruct hair. Every head deserves a separate and distinct hair care regime; while I may carry out predominantly pre-shampoo treatments for Mrs. A, you will find that Mrs. B’s hair will only need post-shampoo treatments. Current environmental factors may also influence the choice of treatments- hot weather, dry season, wet and rainy season or even cold wintry conditions. All these must be considered at every visit before we can select what would be the ideal products to use to achieve the best hair.

Start with a consultation; then decide if you want to kick off with a pre-paid account or stick with paying as you go along. Achieve healthy hair all through this year by sending a text now for an appointment.

My friend Irene AHAMISI and her delightful son Dew in Benin, EDO state. It was a great surprise to hear from you in the New Year. Best wishes for this year to your hubby and you.

Always keep hair wrapped into a cone when you go to bed at night. Wrapping keeps hair sleek and moisturized so your style always looks fresh. If you suffer from frizzy ends, then wrapping will help you get over it.

When the hair is wrapped, all the frizzy tips are forced to ‘lie down’ in the same direction. This means that your hair will have a semblance of a ‘BOB’ whenever you style it. Finally, wrapping allows you to wear your hair for up to 2 to 3 weeks without having to visit the salon and you will still look smooth till you can get to the salon.

After wrapping with a vent brush, use a smoothing brush on the hairline for those little hairs distorted by your daily bath. Cover wrap with hair net and tie a satin or polyester scarf to secure while you sleep.

Do not undo wrap until you have had a bath; so that hair will remain dry during your bath. Wait for the hairline/edges to dry before styling. Spray with light oil sheen to finish.

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Angel’s studio HAIR CLINIC is for WOMEN ONLY.
The clinic operates STRICTLY by appointment: NO cold-calling please.

Text ONLY for appointment and enquiries;
Cell phone: 080.5618.0150
Angel’s studio
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