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Why Ghanaian movie stars are dominating Nollywood

Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker and actress...invading Nollywood

By Benjamin NJOKU
Those who are expressing worry  concerning the recent development where Nollywood industry is being dominated by a handful of Ghanaian actors and actresses may have to pause and think.

A recent report revealed how Ghanaian marketers are the main reason for this ugly development. It was gathered that Nollywood producers have been given an order by Ghanaian marketers- that for them to market Nollywood movies in Ghana(Gollywood), their stars must feature unhindered in the movies.

This account for the reason in most Nollywood movies, Ghanaian stars are used, whether they are suitable for the role they are playing or not

Reports had it that one Ms Abena, a personal assistant to a prominent movie marketer, revealed that most Ghanaian movie marketers do demand Nollywood producers to use Ghanaians and get N1m upfront market orders, even before the Nollywood producers finish shooting.

N1.m is in the heart of the matter, or as one actor puts it. Our producers have sold their souls for a N1m. One particular marketer who was quoted to have attested to this is Abdusallam, Ghana’s most prominent movie marketer. Abdusallam reveals how Nollywood producers use Ghanaians and get a N1m market order from him.

He was said to have paid some producers even before they finished shooting sometimes.The N1m upfront payment makes Nollywood producers fall head over heels to use Ghanaian movie stars in their movies, hence the Ghanaian movie marketers’ method of bribing their way into Nollywood.

The argument right now in Nollywood industry, as one producer who does not want his name to be mentioned put it, “ is that we are doing something wrong if Ghana, which has a population of about 24 million, can call our bluff, which means our house is not in order. We ought to be the biggest movie market in Africa, but here we are at the mercy of Ghanaians.”

A source further confirmed that Ghanaian movies now sell more than Nollywood movies in America. And to make matter worse, some of this Ghanaian stars have not been able to justify the trust reposed in them. Worse still, Nollywood stars have to wait for their Gollywood counterparts in some instances.

We learnt that Jackie Appiah kept a whole crew waiting to go and shoot a Glo commercial. The crew complained but Jackie came back and explained that she already gave the producers a condition that for her to act, she must leave for Glo advert anytime she wanted to.

With the latest, it is now obvious that Nollywood producers have sold their souls for a rather meagre N1m, a clear indication that Nollywood is retrogressing


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