Dear Remi,
I am trying to find something to put on my eyelids to hold my eye shadow in place- I’ve tried all the eye shadows that are supposed to stay in place but I always get the crease in a couple of hours. What will condition the eyelid and also be good to put on before shadow/liner?

Dear Bunmi,
Foundation and powders are supposed to help make shadow stay on longer. You apply foundation and /or powder (whichever you prefer, or both) a little bit on your lids and then put shadow over that. I’ve heard that this helps, but I know someone that did it and it didn’t work that great. I also get creases anyway, especially if I moisturize my face too much before applying make-up, or if my face gets oily.

A lot of people swear by this, but it doesn’t work for some people. But give it a try, it might work for you.
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