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Weight loss tips

1.     Eat more, NOT LESS: Eating less than required to support your basal metabolism will slow your metabolism down. Metabolism is raised and blood sugar level kept stable with regular healthy eating. It also helps prevent bingeing because, you never feel famished. But PLEASE, EAT CLEAN, HEALTHY FOODS.

2.     Snacking is good: If you want to burn fat and prevent your body from gaining back the fat, you must stabilize your blood sugar. In order to do this, you need to eat every two to three hours, which includes healthy snacking (mid-morning and mid-afternoon). Fasting, skipping meals or overly restrictive diets will enable you to lose weight but only in a short term; the weight you lose is water weight and muscle tissue. When you restrict your food intake, your body instinctively thinks it’s being starved and shifts into a protective mode by slowing down your metabolism and storing nearly all your calories as body fat. Losing muscles is the last thing you want.

3.     Drink more …. WATER: Drink eight glasses of water a day between meals. Have a large glass of water 20 to 30 minutes before meals. Other drinks you should include are herbal teas and vegetable juices. If you are exercising, you should be drinking more. Fizzy drinks, juices, and coffees full of caffeine don’t count. Lack of water can slow the metabolic rate just as lack of food can. Since water is the body’s most important nutrition, the liver will turn its attention to water retention instead of doing other duties such as burning fat. Dehydration (because it causes headaches), lack of concentration and fatigue is often mistaken for hunger.

4.  Don’t drink too much with your meals: Do not drink copious amount of liquids with meals, not even still water. Have a glass of water about half an hour before you eat and take only little sips during meals if you must. FIZZY DRINKS ARE BANNED.

Have a fruit, say, an apple 30 minutes before a meal. Studies show that fruits have a good way of making you feel satisfied.


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