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Stop Fat Storage

By Kathy Emiko

* Drop 9kg In Two Weeks
* Fill Up Fast
* Lower Cholesterol!

It is not about the ‘quantity’ you eat or drink; it is about the ‘quality’ of what you eat and drink – Kathy Emiko.
Fighting the battle of the bulge has always been a difficult one for most people; but I tell you, with the right approach, will-power, discipline and focus, you can say good bye to hunger, excess fat, pot belly, flab and folds. You can then say ‘hello’ to your favourite skinny jeans and tank tops with all your vital organs (heart, liver, kidney, colon etc.) bubbling with joy and vitality!
Fibre-rich diets have been proven to double or even triple results. Soluble fibre can take weight loss to a whole new level. When it comes to losing weight, soluble fibre makes other types of fibre play second fiddle (to the extent that the soluble stuff is emerging a fat-fighting super hero.)

Soluble fibre, richly supplied by foods like oats, beans, and fruits is ultra absorbent; it takes on water and transforms into a slow moving gel that fends off flab the entire time it lingers in our system. By contrast insoluble fibre like whole grain bread, organic cereals etc. speeds through our system. That is what makes it a great laxative.

Ironically, both kinds of fibre are essential to good health; and research has revealed that people don’t get enough of them. Most people get just 12 grams combined from soluble and insoluble fibre and this is less than half the recommended amount.

Why soluble fibre works magic:

a)  Nature’s calorie – Blocking gel: Soluble fibre binds with fatty acids in the digestive track and this is good because the process blocks fat calories from being absorbed. Research has proven that people who increase their intake by 18 grams absorb 130 fewer calories a day!
b)  Nature’s hunger killer: Food rich in fibre requires more chewing and more chewing almost always leaves us more satisfied. While insoluble fibre hurries through our systems, soluble fibre sticks around, creating a long feeling of satisfaction.

c) Fewer fat storage hormones: The stickiness of soluble fibre slows the speed that sugar gets into the blood stream, reducing our need for fattening blood sugar hormone called insulin. That is why it is always healthier to eat an apple instead of drinking apple juice or an orange with the fibre inside instead of drinking orange juice. When your blood sugar level is steady, it also means that you get less hungry, fewer cravings and much less dips in energy.


*How much soluble fibre should I get?
Experts recommend that we get at least 25 total fibre grams of soluble and insoluble fibre each day.
*Will it give us gas?
For some, increasing fibre intake too rapidly can cause tummy upset. If you are one of them, it is advisable to introduce fibre-rich food into meals gradually.
*Can I get too much fibre?
Experts recommend an upper limit of 30 to 35 grams per day. There are no known benefits of going higher, so stick to 25, 30 or 35 grams daily.
*Can I take supplements?
Professionals say fibre from food control appetite better while supplements are fine in a pinch. To ensure you are getting mostly soluble fibre, try brands that list psyllium husks or ground flaxseed as main ingredient.

Most Amazing Benefits
Of Soluble Fibre
Fights breast cancer! Women who eat a higher fibre diet have lower risk of breast cancer.
B. Lowers cholesterol! Spanish researchers found soluble fibre to reduce bad cholesterol levels.
C. Fights heart disease! A University of California study has revealed that for every six (6) grams of fibre we consume, we slash risk of heart diseases by 25%.

a)   Water! Water! Water! NOT sodas, coffee or juice but simply potable water; it is the vehicle the body must use to flush out waste produced in normal body functions. Aim to take six to eight glasses a day (if you are very active increase intake).

b)   Body Perfect Cleansing and Healing Cocktail: A natural energizer, thermogenic (metabolic booster), detoxifier, cholesterol zapper and diuretic; it is a refreshing drink made with the purest fat/toxic flushing herbs and spices like Apple Cider Vinegar with “The Mother”, Cranberry concentrate, Cayenne pepper, to keep the heart healthy and strong. It also provides lots of immune-boosting beta carotene (one of the important anti-oxidants in the body). It is also a pain killer, an antiseptic and digestive aid. It has ginger which promotes healthy sweating, encouraging detoxification and also supports liver function.

What’s More? It contains stevia, the only sweetener known not to have any side effect and most recommended for diabetic patients; a bottle a day of this drink will surely prolong life. (Call – 08072444513)

c)   OOLONG TEA: A delicate tea that has enzymes to promote and help our bodies to resist harmful bacteria, it is a good fasting tea that prolongs energy and aids clear thinking. (Call – 08072444513)

d)  FORTRESS COCONUT MILK POWDER: It aids quick absorption of vitamins and minerals from fibre-rich foods.

High-fibre Food

Whole grains: Brown rice, oats, whole grain cereals, whole wheat pasta and whole wheat bread.
Fruit: Apples, bananas, grapes, pineapple and citrus fruits.
Vegetables: Carrots, corn, potatoes with the skin, lettuce and pumpkin leaves.
Legumes and seeds: Beans, pumpkin seed and flaxseeds.

Super–fibre Menu
Use this to jump start your way to healthy eating and living. Enjoy meals with plenty of water, a bottle of Body Perfect Cleansing

Cocktail and 2 to 3 cups of Oolong tea. In addition to this, you need 30 – 35 minutes exercise, 3 to 5 times a week.

Break fast: Half a cup of whole grain cereal e.g. special Kellogg, Weetabix or half a cup of oats with non-fat milk or fortress coconut milk powder and one banana. You can also consider four egg white with diced vegetable, one slice of whole wheat bread and half grape fruit.

Lunch: Half a cup of brown rice with one cup of vegetable sauce and chicken breast or fish (fish or chicken breast should be the size of your palm, not mine). The chicken or fish should not be fried but boiled or grilled. Vegetable sauce should be made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and not over cooked.

Dinner: Salad (not creamy salad cream) with fish or pepper soup or tuna sandwich plus two slices of whole wheat bread and a cup of Oolong tea. Dinner should be three hours before bed.

Snacks: Snack on fruit e.g. 2 apples, ¾ cup of pineapple, 2 to 4 water cracker biscuits with a cup of Oolong tea and ¾ cup plain yoghourt. Never go hungry or starve to loose weight. You can alternate brown rice with ¾ cup beans or ½ sweet potato or 2 thin slices of yam – all with a load of vegetables. (When you go hungry after dinner, snack on fruits).

TIPS! Have some protein with your fibre; it helps to maximise the hunger fighting power of both nutrients.

NOTE: If you have over 10kg to lose, it is advisable that you do detox before starting your exclusive fibre menu plan.

For detox solutions, organic Oolong Tea leaves, Body Perfect Healing & Cleansing Cocktail and Fortress Coconut Milk Powder, call:

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