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Smooth Operator

Yaovi Codjo-Onipede
When you meet him, he is your normal day-to-day cool guy who has won the admiration of a lot of ladies. He dresses well, speaks well, and applies some level of etiquette as he starts relating with you.

As a matter of fact, he has a way of stealing your heart away. But after you have invested so much emotion on him, bang! The real truth about his person starts to surface. While you are still just being suspicious, but not sure, there comes a text on his phone that confirms your suspicions. Or, someone asks after his family or maybe someone who comes to his house while you are visiting wants to know if you are his wife’s sister or if his son is now getting better because, he heard the boy had flu sometime ago.

At this point, you do not need an angel to come down from heaven to tell you what you have always suspected, because the truth has always stared in you in the face, waiting for you to believe it and come back to your senses.
This is a guy who has promised to marry you. This is a guy who is so dedicated to God’s work in church.

This is a guy that a lot of people look up to for counsel. With all these qualities and more, you had believed him absolutely, and at some point, you did not think God could have blessed you more. This guy has met most of the qualities that you have looked for in a man, or so you thought.

At this point, you don’t think it is too much for anyone to call you “Blessed”. But now, when you least expected it, the hunch for you to get detached from him began coming. You are having dreams of you and him in bed and there is another woman too.

You had tried to talk to him about it but he had waved it off, and told you that your ‘insecurities’ were playing a joke on you. Many times he had said: “Fi okan e bale” [Be at peace within yourself]. And so you did fi okan e bale, but this feeling will not go away. Then, you make up your mind to be vigilant and sober. And the bang came!

The answers to your concerns poured in as you started praying and trusting God again. You resolve that if you were going to put your eggs in one basket, it would be God’s basket. There is no way you would have found this guy out if heaven had not backed you up, because even his own pastor didn’t know what you just found out: that the bro is a married man, legally married for that matter.

But how come you did not know that this man was married all this while? You didn’t know because he is a SMOOTH OPERATOR. And, there are a lot of them around these days. Unfortunately, their base for operations is mostly in the house of God; particularly big places of worship – where they can enter into the worlds of as many sisters as they can without detection of the authorities.

They operate in the same way pedophiles do; living or working not far away from the house of the victim. It works for them because parents warn their children to keep away from strangers. Parents do not spell out the characteristics of ‘strangers’ they should really stay away from; it’s even worse when we entrust the children to these ‘strangers’.
The SMOOTH OPERATOR studies the ‘spiritual environment’ of his would-be victim very well.

He sees how people have been indoctrinated and how religious we have all become and within this dysfunctional system. So, a dysfunctional man strikes without being noticed. If it is in the church, he says: “Bless you”; “Epele”; “God is in control”; “The Lord bless you” and a host of other jargons said in churches in a manner that has kept many from being real to themselves and to other people; jargons that have made many ‘distant’. They utter those words without affection because they don’t need to think before they say them.

In the midst of all this, MR. SMOOTH OPERATOR strikes. He hasn’t got new tricks though, because when all the sisters he has stung come together to compare notes, they discover that he had said the same things to all of them. He started talking to them the same way; like “I always sit in front and do not know why I was sitting at the back when you walked into church. I realised that I needed to talk to you but was afraid that you might be married. I know that God is not the author of confusion so, here am I. Are you married?” Of course, in your mind you are saying “maarr what”; never ever married Sir, so shoot!

And, that’s exactly what he does. He shoots deceptive arrows. And, he got you immediately. He is aware that one of your prayer points now is for a life partner so, he capitalises on that need; just like the pedophile ‘proves’ to his would-be victim that he is the only one that loves him or her and shows interest in the needs of the child. The SMOOTH OPERATOR is so smooth in his criminal operations that you cannot miss the fact that he learned his are from the feet of his master, the devil!

If  MR. SMOOTH OPERATOR is introduced to you by a matchmaking agency, he most likely will not want to meet with you immediately. He will first want to speak with you on the phone for some time; to understand your psyche so as to know how to get all he wants from you before he looks for his next prey. Unfortunately, ladies enjoy phone talk a lot and they prove that by calling you all the time, not paying attention to notice that the only time they talk is when they [the ladies] make the call.

What do you do when you realise that you have been stung by a SMOOTH OPERATOR? Stay away from him and if you have to get help to do so because, you may need help to break free of his influence over you! This is so because, unknown to the SMOOTH OPERATOR himself, he has acquired the diabolical power of deception, which makes it difficult for you to break free of him.   You realise that despite the fact that you now know that he is not available and that he has been lying to you all along, you may find yourself still warming up to him inexplicably.

In most cases, women in this situation are under some kind of ungodly yoke that needs to be broken.  That is why you should seek help immediately Mr. Smooth Operator destroys your destiny. Marriage no be by force o!

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