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Nene Amaka Enumah is the new face of Sisi Oge Pride of Africa, an annual beauty pageant that was first held three years ago. She spoke with  Carol Arhere  about the pageant

Can you tell us about yourself?
My names is Nene Amaka Enumah. I am the current Sisi Oge Pride of Africa.  I was born and brought up in Lagos but I am schooling in the eastern part of the country. I’m the last of five children.

Can you tell us about Sisi Oge Pride of Africa?
It is a beauty pageant to secure the pride of Africa. This is the third edition of the pageant. It’s an annual competition organised by Number One Heritage Solution.

How many of you contested at the pageant?
There were so many contestants from different parts of Nigeria at the beginning but only thirteen girls made it to the final.  We spent about one week in camp (engaging in different activities), after which I was selected as winner.

How did you hear about the pageant?
I was in school (Anambra State University, Oko) when my friends told me about it.  So, I came to Lagos to purchase the form, did the interview and went for the audition.

When you were picking the form, did you think you will win or were you just interested in adventure?
At first, I desired to win but when I saw the large number of pretty girls who were contesting, I lost hope of winning. I still tried to give my best; doing whatever we were asked to do the best way I could. With God on my side, I emerged the queen.

When you heard the announcement that you had won, how did you feel?
My good God, I was the last person to be called and before then… I can’t explain what was happening to me but when I heard my name, I was filled with so much joy.  I felt really happy and I thank God for everything.

What do you think gave you an edge over other contestants?
I think it’s not about beauty alone. One’s ability to compose one’s self, communication skills and how one answers questions count a lot.  I wouldn’t say I’m the prettiest but I probably answered my four questions correctly; maybe my height also helped.  Height plays a major role in any beauty pageant.

If you have your way, would you do it again?
I will do it over and over again.

What is your beauty routine?
I do lots of exercises, drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods. I also do my facials.
Let’s digress a little.  Are you in a relationship at the moment?
Oh my God! How come everyone is asking me that? Well, I’m not in any relationship at the moment. I broke up a relationship sometime before I entered for the competition.

So, you came into the competition because you were heartbroken?
No! I was actually looking for a beauty pageant that portrays what I want; a pageant that has so much to do with African culture and our rich heritage and Sisi Oge happens to be fit that description so I opted for it.

Your must have?
I must have my make-up bag and my hanky.
Your high moment?
I have had lots of high moments but being crowned Sisi Oge queen is my highest moment because, I was surrounded by so many prominent people in the society after the announcement. The likes of Chief (Mrs.) Opral Benson, Ambassador ‘Segun Olusola and many more being around me was more than any other high moment to me.

Your style icon?
I don’t really have any but I admire good dressers.
In five years time, where do you see yourself?
I should be done with school by then because, I’m in my final year, and probably married with kids. Also, to have my own clothing line
What has changed about you as a beauty queen?

Nothing really. I’m still myself. I still keep my friends except that before now, I ride on commercial bikes and eat anywhere but now, that has changed.

How do you plan to handle fame and stardom?
I’m pretty scared but with God and my family on my side, I can.

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