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P.R.E.P. for Greatness

Each week I write an inspirational piece for several Facebook groups committed to bringing positive change to Nigeria and the World.

Facebook offers me constant interaction with people all over the World.  These interactions stretch me, forcing me to clarify my own thinking and deepen my understanding.  I’m thankful for these worldwide learning partners who share their insights and expand my perspective in the most helpful ways.

Recently I posted on several Facebook discussion boards a short article I called, “Three Ways to Find Your Greatness in 2010.” It offers an example of the power of dialogue to promote collaborative learning.  I’ve adapted the original to share with you, my Vanguard readers, and I gratefully include the perspective of a fellow learner in India.
“Do you want to be great? Here are three ways to ensure you find your GREATNESS in 2010.

1.    Find your passion.  People of greatness always have a sense of passion.  They are connected to a deeper purpose.  What excites you? What issues spark your indignation? Tune into yourself.  What makes you tick?  Don’t get stuck saying,  “Life is boring…there’s nothing to do.” Is there a topic you enjoy exploring?  Are there problems in your community and country that need to be solved?    What energizes you and presses you to action?  The great among us are the ones who exude passion in life.

Until the fire of our passion is ignited, we haven’t begun to live.  In the words of Helen Keller, “Life is either a Daring Adventure or Nothing.”  Ask for inner guidance in finding your passion whatever it may be.  Then open to it.  Find a way to make it part of your daily life.  As you do, you may find that miraculous things begin to happen for you, to you and through you.

2. Show respect to all beings.  If you did a study of truly great people, you would find in them a disarming simplicity and directness.

They have a way of honoring others, making them feel valued and important.  In other words, a great person treats others with respect.  Learn to listen to others.  Stand side by side with them.  Encourage them.  Lift them up and help them be their personal best.  Living your greatness does not mean being better than another.

It just means finding YOUR personal grandeur.  Each of us carries this potential for greatness inside.  True success comes to those who drop all judgment and self-importance.  Remember the words of Jesus, “Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first among you must be the slave of everyone else.”

3. Aim for excellence! Embody it.  How?  Each moment, pour your heart into the person, the task, the situation that life has brought you.  Whether it is focusing fully on your job, keeping your home, or parenting your children, give every activity you do your undivided attention.

According to Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Make it your habit to be completely present in heart and mind as you move through even the mundane activities of each day.  Make excellence your priority.  Post an intention on your mirror so that the first thing you remind yourself of every morning is, I PRACTICE EXCELLENCE IN ALL I DO.

Passion. Respect. Excellence.
To create a Great Nation, each citizen must rise to his or her personal greatness.
If you wholeheartedly practice these three traits in 2010 you can be sure you are on the path to greatness.”

Among the responses this article generated, I received the following message from a wise Facebook friend in India:
This is a great note. Just would like to add what I think should be the fourth bit of Greatness – PERSISTENCE.
Sometimes, the process of Greatness may take longer than a year. So, many of us may practice Passion, Respect and Excellence all through 2010, and yet not achieve Greatness. In order that we don’t give up, it is important to add the fourth bit.
So, we now have an acronym to prepare for Greatness – P.R.E.P. – Passion, Respect, Excellence, Persistence.
Best wishes for all of us to emerge as Great individuals who come together to build a Great World.

Imagine my delight and appreciation.  My learning coupled with my Indian friend’s, produced a helpful learning tool.  I responded:

I love this acronym. Persistence is key, because things do not typically work out in the timeframe or the manner we initially expect.  It’s those who keep moving forward in the dark times who eventually experience success and greatness.

Let’s encourage each other through these dark times as we seek solutions to the intense challenges all of us are facing on personal, national and world levels.

Thank you for your insight.  This acronym will be a wonderful way to help us all move toward greatness.
I just saw someone put a post up about New Year’s resolutions.  It said something like, “I make daily resolutions not yearly one’s.” In that light, I say, I am resolved to foster my personal greatness on a daily basis. The everyday steps we take in our thoughts, words and actions pay off in big dividends over time.

Blessings to you! I’m with you in the quest for a Great World.  Sincerely, Patricia
What is this greatness we are striving for?  Does it require wealth, titles, notoriety?  Is it limited to the Ghandi’s, Martin Luther King Jr.’s and Nelson Mandela’s of the world?  Or, can it occur far more broadly and humbly?

Greatness is making a positive, loving impact on your world.  You can be a great at whatever it is you are called to do if you do it with wholeheartedness and compassion.  As Mother Theresa reminds us, “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”

Your assignment this week is to start your P.R.E.P.  If you do, you will brighten today and help all of us move toward a better tomorrow.


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