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Kathy Emiko
Our bodies really hate being inactive, it has no way of coping with lack of exercise. These days, many of us lead a primarily sedentary life, and it’s a killer. The body knows of no way to deal with the sedentary life. All it can do is decay” -Dr. Maria Stoppard.

“If exercise was to be sold as a pill (capsule or tablets), it would have outsold all other drugs because of its many benefits. NOT JUST FOR WEIGHTLOSS BUT TO PROLONG LIFE AND KEEP DISEASES AT BAY. Exercise is a core course, not an elective; it is mandatory and should be part of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE”. -Kathy Emiko.

We all need exercise! Inactivity causes problems because our metabolism is geared to use the energy from the food we eat by being agile, mobile, on our feet, moving about most of the time. If we are not, there is a great zeal of surplus energy and without activity that surplus energy cannot be rid off; it accumulates in the only way the body knows how, AS FAT.

The Okinawa ‘s (the longest living people on the planet) have proven it to be so. They are active for most of the day in various ways, though none involves a strenuous workout in the gym. They keep active with walking, farming, dancing (aerobic) and what we might call the ‘soft’ martial acts like Tai chi. They keep their bodies on the move far quite long period each day and that’s all the body needs to defy age.
The message is not more strenuous, irregular high impact exercise, to prolong your living, it is more of regular, moderate exercise that you enjoy and can do for life.

Exercise and mental wellness:
Physical activity can boost both physical and mental wellbeing and change your outlook on life. It could even prevent problems starting in the first place. I know from personal experience, physical activity can lift your mood can help you deal with negative  emotions like anger and depression it brings you a general sense of optimism and mental wellbeing as well as making you feel in good physical condition. This is because exercise floods the body with hormones that reduce tension levels and feelings of stress and fatigue.

Exercise makes you feel better about yourself:  It can make a huge difference to anyone suffering anxiety, low self-esteem and what’s more; it has only good side effects. Studies have shown that people feel better about themselves once they start an exercise programme.

Changes to body shape as you begin to lose weight and feel your muscle tone getting better, improve your self image, which can boost mental wellbeing. Exercise helps you see just what you are capable of and gives you a sense of achievement. Learning a new skill or achieving a goal, however minor, boosts self-esteem and motivation.

Exercise is an anti-depressant: Both aerobic activity, such as brisk walk, running or dancing, and resistance activity such as using weight in the gym, can help people who have moderate to severe depression. The anti-depressant effect of exercise is as powerful as some traditional forces of treatment such as physiotherapy and group therapy. Just one session of physical activity can bring temporary relief to stress and activity; and regular activity may have a long term effect.

Exercise protects you from cancer: Physically active men and women have half the risk of getting colon cancer of their sedentary friends. The protection may be due to the favorable effect of exercise on insulin, prostaglandins and bile; all of which cause overgrowth of the colon lining. Exercise also speeds up bowel movements, cutting down the length of contact between faucal carcinogens and the colonic lining.

The hormones implicated in breast and uterine cancers are modulated by exercise. Studies shows that activity can be responsible for a 30 percent reduction in breast cancer rates and the more exercise you take the greater the protection. So physical activity probably protects against cancer forming and may protect against recurrence and survival after a cancer has been detected.

Exercise controls your appetite: We all have something called the appestat, which is switch in the brain, telling us we’re full and should stop eating. All day long the appestat is bombarded with messages (chemical, electrical, hormonal, and psychological) that turn it off and turn it on. Exercise turns it off and turns it on.

Exercise turns it on (STOP EATING!), and it turns it on for as long as you exercise everyday. The effects of this turn-on are both subtle and unsubtle. First of all you don’t feel hungry for an hour, also after exercising because exercise saps your blood sugar and your insulin levels are really flat (high insulin levels make you eat, low insulin level do the opposite). It also makes you choose what to eat by stopping your craving for sweets and sugar; and crave more for vegetables, fruits and unprocessed carbohydrate.

Exercise can lower the risk of a heart attack; it also lowers your blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of stroke!

I am Angela and a Sunday without reading ALLURE MAGAZINE of Sunday Vanguard, because of the BODY PERFECT column is not complete.

Thanks Kathy, for this great awareness you are giving for free; my lifestyle has changed for the better by just practicing what I’ve been reading; I have spent so much money trying to shed weight, feel and look good but all was wasted because I was made to believe there are short cuts of eat what you like and swallow some pills for fat burning!

Anyway, my testimony is about the healing and cleansing cocktail; it gave me more than what I bought it for. I got it to aid my weight loss but got much more; I use to have terrible menstrual pains a week to my period and even during the period. When I started taking the cocktail, I was amazed that I felt no pains and that was the brightest menstrual flow, I have ever had and my Doctor said “was a good sign of cleansing”, my complexion has greatly improved, my craving for sweets and sugar has stop and am so full of energy.
Thanks to the healing and cleansing cocktail.

Angela, Lagos.


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