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What Christmas means to me


Christmas reflects the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. It should be a time for sober reflection, a time to forgive and be joyous. Indeed, Christmas means different things to different people. For some, it is a time to come together as a family; a time to share and for others, a time to look good. Allure went to town to find out what Christmas means to people, what they will wear, what they will be doing and their desire for the New Year and the country… Enjoy.

Ndidi Obioha

What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas is a family time; a time to be joyous, time for giving and time to share.
What will you be doing on Christmas Day?
I will spend time with my family. I am already in the Christmas mood. I have shut down for the year. For me, from 1st December  to 31st December is my Christmas period.
What will you wear?

I would wear a lot of reds from the 20th. That is the way I do it – up until the 25th; red dresses, red tops. There will always be a touch of red on me.
What is your desire for the New Year and for the country?

My desire for New Year isfor the economy to improve so that more companies will do events and we will get more jobs to do. I just wish the country well. And for a lot more people to be more professional in what they do; no matter the job they are into, it’s very important to be professional. That is the only way we can push the country ahead.

Ifeoma Williams

What does Christmas mean to you?   Christmas is a time of general good tidings. It’s a time to spread joy; a time to be happy, to come together as family. It’s a time to let all by-gones be by-gones. It is a time of healing, of peace and a time of completion.
What will you be doing on Christmas Day?

I will be with my two lovely sons and my amazing husband. We will have a lovely Christmas roast with wine, loads of Champagne, sticky toppy pudding (my children’s favourite) and lots of ice cream.

What will you wear?

I will be wearing boubous and just lounging around the house.

What is your desire for the new year and for the country?
My desire is God’s direction. For the country, I pray for health for our president and for God’s direction and for great leadership.

Bukky George

First of all, I am a Christian and so for me, everyday we are supposed to live our lives like Christ. That means that we are supposed to be conscious of the things we do and try to be Christ-like. However, Christmas is a special opportunity to really celebrate Christ and reflect on the gift that he gave to us; eternal life, prosperity, healing, and just enjoy being who we are.
Beyond that, it’s time to set up Christmas trees with all the bells, and singing Christmas carols.

Bukky George
Bukky George

What will you be doing on Christmas Day?A few years ago, we used to visit my in-laws but these days, we stay at home. I have four children and we will have fantastic breakfast and a nice lunch. If it’s a Sunday, we go to church but if not, we don’t have to go to church. We could visit the in-laws in the evening.
What will you wear?

Gone are those days when we buy special clothes for Christmas. I will just wear what I have. It’s really not about commercialising Christmas, because at the end of the day, it’s about celebrating Christ.

What is your desire for the New Year and for the country?
I have been taking stock of 2009. It was a tough year for everybody. Financially, we all had to do things smarter and wiser because of the economy crunch. So, we are taking stock for 2010 and we are putting together all the books, so that we can run our in a smarter way.

Personally, some of the goals I did not achieve like my weight goal – I want to get to about 65kg and if I do, I shall reward myself with a tattoo in a nice place for my husband’s eyes only. I’ll have a better relationship with Christ and just be a better human being. And, hope that Revlon does better.

For Nigeria, I am sad most times because of the way things are going in this country and I know it can be better. If you and I choose to do things right, if we choose to be people of integrity, to be people of excellence, we will do well.
So, I’m hoping that the re-branding Nigeria project which the Federal Ministry of Information is running will actually work. But beyond the re-branding, I want Nigerians’ attitude to change – in the areas that it is not right.
Switzerland hasn’t always been the way they are. We too can become people of integrity, people that can be trusted.


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