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Re: let’s expect another miracle from Cape Town

By Onochie Anibeze
Last week, I congratulated TB Joshua for helping Nigeria qualify for the 2010 World Cup and apologized for leaving him out when I congratulated all those behind our qualification.
Coach Amodu Shuaibu had attended Joshua’s Synagogue to thank him for helping Nigeria qualify and his visit was well covered. He described our qualification as a miracle and I prayed for another miracle from the draws in Cape Town, hoping that Joshua could also help us to be drawn in an easy group where we would win all our matches and sail on to World Cup glory. Below are some reactions from readers. My views on the draws will be for another day.


This is ridiculous. In as much as I’m not doubting his prophecies, I will not subscribe to the claim that he made our qualification possible. It’s like saying because he allegedly “saw” the death of Michael Jackson, he is responsible for his death.

Akpos Bebs, Patani, Delta State 08052516828

Dear Onochie,
Show me a man that doesn’t believe in himself and let me show you a handkerchief tossed in the wind of circumstance. He can’t even lead a family. When you lack the necessary character taking your challenges as they come, how can you lead a group? You can’t be a coach. Since TB Joshua shows more character than Amodu, may be Nigeria should go for him. (TB) as coach of Super Eagles. What a shame!
Osor, 08063897516

Dear Onochie,
Nigeria can qualify from Group B if the preparation and coaching are right. I think Nigeria got a fair deal from the draw. What is your view?
Victor Azumora, Umuahia. 08037446791

God bless you on today’s article. Please, why didn’t Joshua make us win the U-17 World Cup? Let Amodu disband Eagles and let Joshua give him 22 boys from his church to go for the World Cup. Then I’ll know that Amodu is really serious and when we win the cup all of us will be TB Joshua’s followers.
F.N. Chigbufue in Benin, 08033236649

Honestly, it is very painful that NFF could not take good decision at the right time. They prefer to wait until after African Nations Cup to see if Amodu would perform or not. It is said and very unfortunate that gusty men are in charge of Nigeria’s football. Why can’t they take advantage of the Nations Cup to engage a technical expert to assist Amodu?
Marius, 08072157336

I suggest Keshi, Siasia and Amokachi. No sentiment. Amodu should go. He did not qualify to the World Cup. Referee and Mozambique did.  08033800830

Take this warning if you care! Nigeria football went down drastically because of the injustice done to Amodu after qualifying us to 2002 World Cup from hopelessness when Bonfrere Jo failed us woefully. I beg you, for God’s sake, Nigeria should not try it again. The god of soccer is against injustice. Amodu is our hope for World Cup because favour is on his side, forget what people are saying.
Rev. Timothy Okhomahein, Uromi, Edo State. 08051430395

I was in Nairobi and was privy to the fact that we bought that match against Kenya. As for Amodu, he should be left till the end of the World Cup. I believe in continuity. After all, the man did not lose any match despite the bribe that gave us the ticket through (Name withheld).
Mobo — Delta State, 0705884635

Let Amodu take Eagles to the World Cup. It will be most unfair to replace a coach who sweated and qualified his team to the World Cup with one who did not. They can employ a new coach for 2014 World Cup, not 2010. Instead of replacing Amodu let a technical team work on team selection and composition.
Ero, 08033041993

Dear Onochie
Everyman is superstitious. A man without superstition is a man without a soul. Soul is God’s creation and is invisible like the Creator in himself but the Creator who is omnipresent is reflected in all man’s activity: This we can say is God’s manifestation in the physical.

God uses men as servants to do his work as no man can see God and live.
God created us and He is very interested in our activities but the mundane level to which we have regressed His hand in our affairs is regrettable.

I am not a member of Synagogue Church of All Nations but I believe that TB Joshua is a GOOD MAN and a Prophet whose prophecies are from God. The man who saw tomorrow cannot make tomorrow. The making of tomorrow is an exclusive right of God.

A lot of people prayed and worked behind the seen to make sure our qualification is a success and should all be congratulated. But everyone that worked physically and spiritually is a function of God’s divine inspiration, Grace and mercy. I know that no one man can take God’s glory.

Amodu Shuaibu is  human and he is superstitious. He believes God performed a miracle in Nigeria qualifying for the Copa Mundial and has used the Synagogue Church Of All Nations as a platform for showing gratitude to God. I did not hear him speak and so cannot ascertain his choice of words. Even the prophet will not say he did it but God.
SHALOM, Edema Fuludu

My Editor,
After reading your observations on the T.B. Joshua miracle that ensured Nigeria’s qualification to the world cup, what crossed my mind was Nigerian home video and the contents of their story line. In almost all Nigerian movies, Nigerians are presented as people lacking in innovativeness and robust acumen.

It is such that if a cat, yes cat, enters a room, the easiest bait we can dangle to get the cat out is “blood of Jesus”. When the chips are down and the problem solving prowess of a character or the story teller is to be assessed, the next scene is visit to “a powerful man of God”.

That scenario is what Amodu and his retinue of unadventuerous fame seekers are also playing out now.

Even at the risk of sounding blasphemous; I would tell the people beating their chests as per what their miracle Prophet did (to ensure our qualification to the world cup), to leave God out of this. Not because I do not believe in God, but purely for believing that God is just and equitable in dealing with all his creatures.

Let us thank God that we have qualified. Amodu should be committed to the job of delivering the goods and think less of relying on the so – called miracle. Otherwise, I would also suggest that this is extended to us, the spectators whose blood pressures were challenged while the qualification series lasted. The miracle, should include that we shall see no evil and hear no evil.

Hard work is very important. Technical competence is also required. Luck comes last. Great men of this world were not altogether pagans. They also believed in God.

That was not why they made the difference. They did ordinary things in extraordinary manner. If Amodu fails, we will hold him responsible and not his miracle Prophet.
Ben Udechukwu,  Aba


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