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Re: Choices we have to make

By Helen Ovbiagele, Woman Editor
LIFE is about making choices as we go along, and the choice you make will determine whether your life will  move forward or backwards, or, remain at a standstill.

What’s more, that choice you make will impact on several other lives, and even on a whole nation.   What a huge responsibility making a choice is, right from our infancy. In our formative years, major choices are usually made for us by our parents and other adults around us, but later, we make our own choices and then have to take responsibility for the outcome.

The result of a choice is the main problem in the human life; especially when it’s the wrong choice. This is why, as much as possible, there should be conducive atmosphere which would enable people make the right choices. Where this obtains, there’s good quality to the human life, and hopefully, criminal acts would be minimal. Our readers have some words of wisdom to say on this matter of choices.

“Madam, the government has failed in its duty to enable our citizens to make the right choices. Take for example the issue of unemployment where the figure for the unemployed continues to rise every day as our children graduate from all sorts of higher institutions. It bleeds my heart to see many of them roaming the streets, carrying their cvs in search of jobs.

Many come from poor families, and the hope was that the graduate was going to have a job to support its members. Failure to secure a job could drive a desperate person to turn to criminal activities; a thing that some would never think of doing.

The government should make it a priority to provide jobs for young people as they graduate, for their own sense of self-worth, and so that they can become providers, even if it’s a small way, for their families. Thank you.”

“Helen, if parents are unable to make the right choices, how can they help their wards to do so? The conscience of some parents is so bankrupt that they refuse to tell right from wrong, and they’re bent on pursuing the sort of life that suits them; to the detriment of their families and others. Such parents cannot help their kids to make healthy choices in life. This is the reason for the rot in our society today.”

Power generation

“Madam, running a power generating set day and night in my house, is a wrong choice that our government has forced me to make.

Apart from the huge cost which has lessened the quality of lives of members of my family in some other areas, the fumes are a great danger to our health and that of our neighbours and even passers-by.

There’s no doubt that power generated by the government is better and a lot healthier, but since the government is unable to give constant power supply which I need for my business and in the house, I have to resort to using a generator.

That shouldn’t be; considering all the danger involved. The use of a generator has been responsible for many loss of lives all over the country. Also, the noise easily provides cover for break-ins.”

“Mrs Ovbiagele, can you imagine the number of people who have lost their lives, because our government cannot provide adequate health care due to shortage of medical personnel (or their regular strikes), and lack of facilities and equipment, and they had to resort to self-medication/being treated by quacks? In many important issues, we resort to the wrong choices because our government has failed us. Healthcare is a major example. Thanks. Ajayi, Ikeja.”

“I commend some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who are counselling and rehabilitating street ladies.  Police used to raid some hotels in my neighbourhood where these street girls ply their trade; attracting hoodlums and criminals to the area.

A discussion with some of these girls revealed that they didn’t like what they were doing, using their bodies to earn money, and risking their lives and health, but they had no other means by which they can easily make money for their survival and that of their dependants. Some have never been to school, while some are school drop-outs due to lack of funds.

You wonder about the government’s Universal Basic Education which is supposed to ensure that all kids go to school. Is it being enforced?

What provisions are there for school drop-outs to  be in a position to fend for themselves and not
become a nuisance to the nation.

Thank God for these NGOS, the number of these street girls has reduced considerably as they have been rehabilitated and some are now living very decent lives.”

“The school should complement the efforts of the home in raising children properly and helping them to make the right choices.  Not all kids have enlightened parents who are able to direct them well on the choices they have to make, so they look up to the teachers to show them the way.

Education Ministries at all levels and all stake-holders in education should meet to decide on talks that should be given pupils at various stages, which would help mould them so that they can make the right choices in a!! areas of life.

Schools shouldn’t limit their work to just teaching aeademic subjects. Morals and ethics should be part of the curriculum.

“So many children lack the proper direction through no fault of theirs.  Teachers should place themselves in a position of confidant to those pupils who need unburdening their minds outside the home. For the teachers to be able to play this role, they should have impeccable character themselves. We assume they are capable of making the right choices themselves.

The home, the school, the religious bodies and the state, should all be concerned in helping us make the right choices which would uplift the nation.  If this is adhered to strictly, we’ll soon notice a change for the better in all areas of life in this country. Thanks,   James, Benin City,”

“Madam Helen, the man who threw his job away simply because he had a verbally abusive boss behaved foolishly. Where was is sense of endurance as a provider for his family? He’s obviously a young man without much foresight and commitment to responsibility.

Many people stick at ajob or means of livelihood where they suffer all sons of insults, so that they can adequately discharge their financial responsibilities.

Leaving a job where his pay and remunerations met his finances to go help out in the market for a pittance, is not only foolish, but irresponsible. I hope the young people who read your write-up will realize this, and act more responsibly. Thank you. + Pa Isaac, Aba.”


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