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Oprah dying ? Has 3yrs to live

Beloved talk host Oprah Winfrey is dying, say medical experts who predict the TV titan has just three years to live.
That chilling forecast is the real secret behind the talk queen, who turns 56 on Jan. 29, quitting her TV show in 2011, according to insiders.
“Oprah wants to live a long life,” says a friend. “She was finally forced to choose between her daily show or dying young and she’s decided to quit TV and focus on her health and wellbeing,”

The 5-foot-7 star’s situation is grim, say sources, who note her weight has soared to 250 pounds (17st 12lbs) and her thyroid gland is out of whack. Thyroid troubles can trigger weight gains, doctors say.

And experts warn her only chance to stave off early death is to change her stressful, workaholic lifestyle and undergo surgery to remove the malfunctioning gland.


Sources say Oprah has now vowed to cram as much living as she can into her remaining time  including heating up her romance with TV and heartthrob Tyler Perry. Leaving her show is the first step!

“Come September 2011, Oprah will leave the program and have the surgery that she hopes will allow her to get her weight under control,” the friend explains.

The billionaire star’s weight is linked to her malfunctioning thyroid, a small gland at the base of the neck, explain experts.

Her personal medical adviser Dr. Mehmet Qz, whose hit The Dr. Oz Show is produced by Oprah, told talk host Larry King his TV boss was suffering from “autoimmune problems.”

Oz said Oprah’s condition throws the thyroid which is like a thermostat off kilter, so the body’s tern
That leads “to changes in metabolism and weight gain,” Oz explained.

Experts say Oprah can expect to spend four days in the hospital for removal of the gland and be back to normal in two weeks.

But without the surgery and lifestyle changes, Oprah is doomed, sources warn.

As The Enquirer reported in June 2007, longevity expert Dr. David Demko revealed the media mogul had just six years to live, according to his patented Death Calculator.

Demko lopped a total 25 years off her life expectancy, as follows:

• Four years for health risks prone to Afro American women like diabetes and kidney disease.
• Two years for living in Chicago.
• Five years for poor eating and yoyo dieting.
• Four years for being overweight.
• Three years for lack of exercise.
• Two years for long work days and media over exposure.
• Two years for living alone.
• One year for risky, frequent travel.

Although he added seven years for good lifestyle habits like her strong spirituality and owning a dog, that still put her death at sometime in 2013, he said.

But Derako didn’t know about her thyroid. Another expert says that condition would shave another year from her life to 2012, just three years from now!

Still, California thyroid expert Dr. Richard Shames, co-author of Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled?, says, “If Oprah takes care of her thyroid condition and changes her lifestyle habits  adding a proper diet, fitness program and stress reduction exercises she could turn back the hands of time.”

Her friend says Oprah is determined to prove the doomsday doctors wrong!
And her new lifestyle could include actor director Perry, say sources.

As The ENQUIRER reported in the November 16, issue, Oprah has left longtime love Stedman Graham, 58, and best pal Gayle King, 54, behind in her pursuit of Perry.

The 40-year old showbiz whiz writes the hit TBS show House of Payne and appears as meddling grandmother Madea in a string of popular movies.

Gayle and Oprah have been pals for 33 years and are suspected of being more than just best friends, but “Tyler is the priority in her life now,” says the friend.

Another source reports, “Oprah is head over heels in love with Tyler and has secretly proposed to him.”
But pals are warning Oprah not to rush into anything with Tyler, another source says.

She’s been infatuated with other men before- Barack Obama for one and her friends don’t want to see her doing anything she’ll regret,” says the source.

One thing’s certain, Oprah’s “determined not to live alone anymore,” the source notes.
“She knows that is one of the big longevity risk factors.

“But no one would be surprised if Oprah backs away from Tyler with Gayle.”
“Oprah’s next milestone birthday is 60 and she plans to see that and celebrate big, showing the doctors they were wrong,” says the source.

“Quitting her show is the first step in her new life!”


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