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I boldly testify

By Debbie Ogunjobi
A COUPLE of months ago, my pastor had summoned me to his office and informed me that I was the new member of the special events department. The option of refusing was not made available as all the members of the department were present. We were given the brief to plan the Christmas ball and I inwardly cringed as I had decided to keep a very low profile when I had relocated from my old parish to the new one.

I had a few reservations about working with people in church situations and the crux of the matter was the attitude of most people to the things of God. I have a hard time understanding and accepting those who give less than their best because it was no big deal; after all it’s just church or mismanaging funds because it was there. I hold the view that we owe God more than lip service or light hearted commitment so I was bound to lock horns with anyone with contrary views; knowing this I got on my knees and asked for help and a new chapter opened.

A couple of days after I woke up from sleep and I heard “I testify; I boldly testify.” I knew immediately I had my theme for the ball and it all began to fall into place. I got the team together and shared. I took them down memory lane to the period I was facing death while I was carrying my daughter. In those dark days, I had discovered Don Moen’s song “be magnified” and it had been my anthem while I walked in the valley of the shadow of death.

Anthem and encourager

The concept was to get all members of the church who had ever reached rock bottom and had seen the hand of God pull them through to sing the song that had been the anthem and encourager! Every one of us has that song and it was only fitting that we all rendered it to God to boldly testify of his power, mercy and goodness.

It had taken some doing to get everyone on board but it was wonderful to see people from all walks of life leave their busy schedules to come to the studio and sing. I heard some testimonies that made mine seem like child’s play. There was the case of a lady who was technically dead for a while but came back to life, another case of a person coming out of a coma, losing her memory and till date even ten years later, cant recollect one whole year of her life.

One man had been in a car crushed by a trailer and looking at the pictures no one should have survived, yet he came out without a scratch. One of the most touching was that of another man who along with his roommate had a small fistful of gari to eat over an entire weekend; they decided to go hungry and drink it on the Sunday.

There was also the case of a family who despite living in a grand house suddenly fell into hardship and reached a level where they had just enough money to make a pot of egusi soup as luck would have it, the entire pot was burnt and adults were reduced to tears in hunger and frustration.

A lot of us pray desperately when we are in need but when we get through it, we are no better than the nine lepers who never came to show appreciation. We become too successful or should I say complacent to testify, to give glory and honor to whom it is rightfully due.

My Parish of the Redeemed Christian Church, the King’s Court will on  December 12, boldly testify of the goodness of God at The Lagoon on Ozumba Mbadiwe at our Xmas Charity ball. As a family we have released a three volume CD, of 31 songs, with all proceeds going to charity to thank God for His goodness and His mercy.

It is a labour of love that has taken four months to execute. Not only did we all step out of our comfort zones to sing but all the sessions were paid for by those singing. It is our birthday present to Jesus; it’s high time we gave the real celebrant a gift!

The beauty of the project is the re awakening of our zeal for the things of God. The project for me took God out of the Bible and I saw real life miracles happening all around. The Bible says “they overcame with the blood of the lamb and the words of their testimony”and I know many people will overcome when they hear the testimonies that prove that God is still very much in the business of everyday miracles.

That is the crux of the matter; a testimony spoken is tool of faith enhancement, which is the basic requirement to activate the miraculous! It has been a privilege to be a tool in this project, I have rediscovered my love of singing and yours truly sang two songs on the album; I was also the producer and thoroughly enjoyed producing and fiddling with gadgets. This year I boldly testify of God’s faithfulness in all areas of my life.

This week marks six years of this column, I have made so many friends through Moment2Moment that I must thank you all. May you have great things to testify of. May God and everything in creation be good to you…


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